USA: BBC America To Run Doctor Who Marathon Ahead Of 2017 Christmas Special

Christmas Day for Whovians means, of course, Doctor Who Christmas Special Day, and as usual BBC America will be ramping up the excitement among American fans through one of their week long Doctor Who Takeovers. Gallifrey takes an exclusive hold of the BBCA schedule for the whole of the week up to Christmas Day, starting from 9am ET on Tuesday 19th December.

During the course of the week, most of David Tennant's episodes and specials will be shown. Check out the listings below (all times are Eastern):

Tuesday 19th December
9.00am   Doomsday (S2 E13)
10.00am   Smith And Jones (S3 E1)
11.00am   Last Of The Time Lords (S3 E13)
12.00pm   Partners In Crime (S4 E1)
1.00pm   Silence In The Library (S4 E8)
2.00pm   The End Of Time (Two Part Special, 2009-10)

Wednesday 20th December
3.00am   New Earth (S2 E1)
4.00am   School Reunion (S2 E3)
5.00am   The Girl In The Fireplace (S2 E4)
6.00am   Rise Of The Cybermen (S2 E5)
7.05am   The Age Of Steel (S2 E6)
8.10am   The Idiot’s Lantern (S2 E7)
9.15am   The Impossible Planet (S2 E8)
10.20am   The Satan Pit (S2 E9)
11.25am   Love & Monsters (S2 E10)
12.30pm   Army Of Ghosts (S2 E12)
1.30pm   Doomsday (S2 E13)
2.35pm   Smith And Jones (S3 E1)
3.40pm   The Shakespeare Code (S3 E2)
4.45pm   Gridlock (S3 E3)
5.50pm   Daleks In Manhattan (S3 E4)
6.55pm   Evolution Of The Daleks (S3 E5)
8.00pm   Blink (S3 E10)
9.00pm   The Christmas Invasion (Special, 2005)
10.05pm   The Runaway Bride (Special, 2006)
11.10pm   Voyage Of The Damned (Special, 2007)

Thursday 21st December
12.45am   The Girl In The Fireplace (S2 E4)
1.45am   Utopia (S3 E11)
2.50am   The Sound Of Drums (S3 E12)
3.55am   Last Of The Time Lords (S3 E13)
5.00am   The Runaway Bride (Special, 2006)
6.00am   Partners In Crime (S4 E1)
7.05am   The Fires Of Pompeii (S4 E2)
8.10am   Planet Of The Ood (S4 E3)
9.15am   The Sontaran Stratagem (S4 E4)
10.20am   The Poison Sky (S4 E5)
11.25am   The Doctor’s Daughter (S4 E6)
12.30pm   Midnight (S4 E10)
1.35pm   The Stolen Earth (S4 E12)
2.40pm   Journey’s End (S4 E13)
3.45pm   The Next Doctor (Special, 2008)
5.10pm   Planet Of The Dead (Special, 2009)
6.35pm   The Waters Of Mars (Special, 2009)
8.00pm   The End Of Time (Two Part Special, 2009-10)

Listings correct at the time of posting and are subject to revision by BBC America. 
See the full schedule here