COMIC RELEASE: Doctor Who - Lost Dimension Series Concludes Today

The phenomenal Titan Comics mini series Doctor Who: Lost Dimension concludes today with the release of the last two issues. The eight part crossover adventure features every incarnation of the Doctor, including the Tenth, as portrayed onscreen by David Tennant.

Issue #7 follows two of the Doctor's former companions - River Song and Jenny. Then in Issue #8, the various incarnations of the Doctor discover the secret behind the white holes - and must work together to save the universe!

The comics are available in comic stores from today. They can also be bought direct from Titan Comics, as can the previous 6 issues: visit
The titles are available in digital form from ComiXology

The Doctor is an immortal time traveller who champions the oppressed across time and space.
As a Gallifreyan Time Lord, when mortally-wounded, he can regenerate into an entirely new body.
He has met many ends in his long, adventurous, and dangerous life, and has worn 
many faces as a result.
When the fabric of the universe is threatened, when the laws of time, space, and all of reality
start to break down...on those dire days, different incarnations of the Doctor can meet.
It should never happen.
Not all of them will remember it properly.
But this is one of those days...
The Doctors have joined together...The white holes of the Void are tearing apart the universe...
And now the world is ending.

Doctor Who: Lost Dimension
Part 7
Writer: Emma Beeby, Various 
Artists: Carlos Reno, Rafael Dantas, Ivan Rodriguez

The truth behind the unforgettable journey of Jenny, the Doctor's daughter, revealed!
And River Song goes her own way, even as the universe falls apart around her!

The issue comes with two collectable covers:

Cover A: Klebs Jr

Cover B: Photo 

Doctor Who: Lost Dimension
Part 8
Writers: George Mann, Cavan Scott 
Artist: Mariano Laclaustra


The thrilling conclusion to this year's event! As the universe slips away into the void, the Doctors are brought together to face a foe as colossal as it is unlikely!
The rules of time and space, cause and effect, break down completely, and the Doctor is all that stands between Earth and annihilation!

There are two collectable covers:

Cover A: Alex Ronald

Cover B: Photo

Check out some artwork from the final issue: