PHOTOS: David Tennant Meets His Fans At Dallas Fan Days #5

Chase McKinney

David Tennant appeared at Dallas Fan Days over the weekend and took part in a number of photo ops alongside his fans. 

Many thanks to all of our readers pictured in this final blog who have kindly shared their wonderful photos and stories with us.

Laura Stringfellow 
"I'm the weeping angel in the photo. David hugged me when I first walked in; but when I leaned in, my wings naturally moved with me, and I accidentally smacked him in the head with the right wing. Sorry, David!"

Susan Lilley 
"I still don’t think it’s sunk in that I actually was, ya know, hugging...omg....I think it just hit me. I was ...holy cow....hugging David Tennant!!! Dressed as a Doctor Hobbit?!?! How is this my life?"

Leah Felice Unger 
"Our group L.I.'ND.A. found him after all our research!!"

Chase McKinney

Alicia Coakley Stewart

Kellie Loflin 
"David was extremely charming and such a nice guy. He was number one on my comic con bucket list and I will never forget meeting him."

Karen Weaver Seaton 
"It was a dream come true to meet David! He's such a lovely person. He inspired me to write a novel that is now the first in a series. It's copyrighted and he now has the first copy! I hope he enjoys it!"

Clayton Cox 
"Such a nice guy and one of the funniest Q&As I’ve seen in a convention!"

Sarah Shurgin 
"So happy David was open to participating in our shenanigans! I had him sign the photo with "thanks for the dance" right over my friend's face....he got the digital copy"

Ogn Kram 
"Had issues with depression until I saw my first doctor who 11 years ago. 10's perkiness and appreciation for the small joys helped me get out of my depression. Later it was one of my greatest influences on how I interacted with my patients as a nurse. Thank you David!
-mark (guy in the black shirt)"

Shelli Harris 
"My daughter just loves him. Thanks for coming to Fan Days!"

Debbie Redfern 
The Royal Family, c.1955 from ‘The Crown’ - Russell Judkins, myself, Shiloh Rune Moonschild, and Kristin Bomba

Paul Rabogliatti 
"Fantastic poses!"

Melissa Murray 
"I gave my photo op to my son who geeked out and tried to run away!"

Carrieann Steeger 
"He's so lovely!!!"


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