PHOTOS: David Tennant Meets His Fans At Dallas Fan Days #3

David Tennant appeared at Dallas Fan Days over the weekend and took part in a number of photo ops alongside his fans. 

Many thanks to all of our readers pictured in this blog who have kindly shared their wonderful photos and stories with us. 

Carrieann Steeger
"He's so lovely!!!"

Courtney Patience Thomas

Justin Miller

Eryn Buchanan

Teressa Brace-Shelton
"Enjoyed meeting him today at Dallas Fan Days! Thank you for coming at the last minute. I hadn’t bought a ticket until you were announced!By the way, I loved his cat shirt!"

Stephanie Galindo
"Now I've meet river song and the tenth doctor,my life is complete"

Robin Berger

Brandi Vose
"He was the absolute BEST! So nice and attentive while getting his autograph. I could look at this picture all day and never tire of it. I had tears in my eyes afterward."

Anna Davis

Georgina Ghio
"David Tennant didn’t know that Walmart is different than Target and loved the sign in ASL, so we did it! Pew!"

Rachael Noe
"My little 11 was so happy to see 10! Mom and Nana were pretty star struck too! Genuinely sweet man he is!"

Cathy Kinstley Musson
"It was the best birthday present I've ever gotten! To meet my favorite doctor...priceless!"

Lisa Park
"Here's my photo from yesterday! I read Good Omens a couple weeks ago and when I read "the Earth was created on Sunday, the 21st of October, 4004 BC," I just had to do a birthday card from Crowley!"

Isabella Duff
"He was extremely sweet and nice. He even like my shirt and commented on it. He said, “That’s a nice shirt. I haven’t seen that in a while.”"

Chelsea Fellers
"I met him yesterday. It was so cool getting to meet the Doctor"

Deni Valetutto

"He's absolutely the nicest person."

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