David Tennant Talks Returning As Ten To The New Issue Of Doctor Who Magazine

David Tennant is exclusively interviewed in the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine, during the recording of his latest Big Finish series. The second volume of the Tenth Doctor adventures to be released sees David team up with his old castmates and friends, Billie Piper and Camille Coduri, who starred as Rose Tyler and her mum Jackie alongside David's Doctor in his first series of the show.

"It's like the last decade never happened," David tells DWM about reuniting with Billie, a partnership which many fans of the series see as the ultimate Doctor Who "Dream Team".

Given he's returning to a role, that secured his place in the nation's hearts DWM ask David if he's feeling a little sentimental to be recording new adventures with Billie, he reflects:
"I always feel fond towards it (Doctor Who). I always feel like it’s a happy place to be. Obviously a day like this brings it all back a little more keenly, but it’s always a very fond thing to return to, the world of Doctor Who. It’s always very welcoming, and friendly, and familiar. I suppose I don’t feel detached enough from it to feel sentimental, really. Maybe if I’d been completely banished from it for ten years…? But of course it never quite goes away, does it? There’s no escaping it, nor would I want to, really. Because Doctor Who sort of runs through my life like a stick of rock. It’s sort of always bubbling under, and you know it always will."

Interviewer Benjamin Cook shared an audio clip of the interview on his twitter earlier today. Listen below:

Also talking to the new issue of DWM are Billie and Camille, who both also chat about their returns for the Big Finish series.

The three part set opens with Attack of the Zaross by John Dorney, in which an alien invasion of Earth isn’t quite what it appears to be.

In the second adventure, Sword of the Chevalier by Guy Adams, the Doctor and Rose arrive in Slough in 1791 and encounter Chevalier D’Eon, an enigmatic ex-spy who has lived his life as a woman. Together they must fend off alien slavers, who have come to Earth to abduct valuable humans.

Finally, in Cold Vengeance by Matt Fitton, the TARDIS arrives on Coldstar, a vast frozen food asteroid in deep space. But there is something sinister defrosting in the network of storage units… the Doctor’s old enemies the Ice Warriors!

The stories will be released next month and can be pre ordered via www.bigfinish.com

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