COMIC RELEASE: Doctor Who - The Lost Dimension #3 - Tenth Doctor Special

The latest installment of the continuing adventures of the Tenth Doctor, as portrayed onscreen by David Tennant, is released by Titan Comics today. The new issue is the 9th in Ten's third year of travels in the TARDIS with new companions Gabby Gonzalez and Cindy Wu; adventures which take place in the preriod after the Doctor had returned the memory-wiped Donna Noble to Earth. The issue is also the third in Titan Comics' 2017 multi-Doctor event miniseries, an eight-part story called The Lost Dimension, which sees the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors crossing paths with previous incarnations, companions and enemies. 

Previously in The Lost Dimension
When the fabric of the universe is threatened, when the laws of time, space, and all of reality start to break down... on those dire days, different incarnations of the Doctor can meet.
It should never happen. Not all of them will remember it properly.
But this is one of those days...

An unknown force is striking from the depths of space, emerging as impossibly-large white holes over civilized planets, absorbing or annihilating everything that lives. The Tenth Doctor and his companions, Gabby Gonzalez and Cindy Wu, were in the Vortex when the TARDIS control room suddenly became that of the Third Doctor – including an appearance by the Third Doctor himself, screaming in pain, as the white energy sought to destroy him! The image vanished as suddenly as it arrived, but now the Doctor must work out what has attacked his past self... before his own timeline unravels!

Doctor Who:
​Tenth Doctor Year Three #9​
The Lost Dimension #3 - Tenth Doctor Special 

Writer:​ Nick Abadzis    
Artists: ​Mariano Laclaustra, Carlos Cabrera
​ ​
The Tenth Doctor, Gabby, and Cindy investigate a mysterious black hole - out of which white light is spilling - and which has drawn the attention of an ancient foe of The Doctor!

The issue is available now in comic stores or via Titan Comics

Also available is Part 2, the Ninth Doctor Special - details here

The issue comes in two variant covers - an art cover by Tazio Bettin (above) and a photo cover (below). Also below, check out some sample art pages