Tales From New Earth - Brand New Doctor Who Audio Series Inspired By The Ninth And Tenth Doctor's Adventures

Big Finish have today announced a brand new audio series, Tales From New Earth,  inspired by the Ninth and Tenth Doctors' adventures in the episodes The End of The World, New Earth, and Gridlock.

In New Earth The Doctor and Rose board the Tardis for new adventures. When they visit mankind's new home, far into the future, they find gruesome secrets hidden inside a luxury hospital. Cassandra, an enemy though long since dead, is out for revenge.
The Tenth Doctor just can't keep away from New Earth, and when he's got a new companion to impress, he and Martha are soon off on a quick jaunt to New New York.

In this new set of audio adventures, we’ll encounter some familiar names, faces and species, and introduce a whole host of new characters and creatures in one of the most diverse Worlds of Doctor Who this universe has yet to see!

David Richardson, producer of the series says, “Russell T Davies created such a rich, fully-formed world in New Earth that it was ripe for its own spin-off series - and not only did Russell wholeheartedly approve of the idea, he generously gave us some very helpful suggestions and steers for certain characters…

Directed by Helen Goldwyn, script-edited by Matt Fitton, and produced by David Richardson, these four new adventures will see us explore the universe five billion years away, where only a Tardis could have reached before… 

This new series includes four episodes:

1.1 Escape From New New York by Roy Gill

1.2 Death in the New Forest by Roland Moore

1.3 The Skies of New Earth by Paul Morris

1.4 The Cats of New Cairo by Matt Fitton

The cast for these adventures can be confirmed, including Novice Hame (now a Senator!) returning, played by Anna Hope, Sister Jara, the biological sister of Sister Jatt, played by Adjoa Andoh, and Yasmin Bannerman playing the sapling of her character Jabe from the second episode of Doctor Who. Sapling Vale is like her ancestor, strong-willed, fair minded and resourceful.

And joining these great characters will be Devon Pryce, played by Kieran Hodgson. This new character will soon to prove more than a match for the Cat-People, Tree-People and much more in Tales From New Earth!

“We’ve been lucky enough to have some brilliant guest stars join us on New Earth too,” says Helen Goldwyn, “Derek Griffiths (Xylem Maple Dorm); James Dreyfus (The Most Exalted High Persian); Julian Rhind-Tutt (Berkhoff) and Louise Gold (President Grosseteste) who, incidentally, has appeared as a voice artist in every Muppet Movie ever made!”

Scheduled for release in March 2018, you can pre-order Tales From New Earth from the Big Finish site at £23 on CD or £20 on download. Or you can pre-order Tales From New Earth in a bundle, with exciting upcoming releases Gallifrey Time War, and The War Master starring Sir Derek Jacobi! This bundle gives you all three releases for £54 on download or £63 on CD.