COMIC CON: DuckTales Panel Round Up - David Tennant Is 'Rolling Enigma' Scrooge McDuck

David Tennant attended his second panel in two days at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con this afternoon, this time to promote the revival of Disney's iconic animated series DuckTales. David plays the fearless tycoon Scrooge McDuck in the show which premieres on Disney XD on August 12th.

Also taking part in the panel were Danny Pudi (Huey) and Ben Schwartz (Dewey). Kate Micucci (Webby), Beck Bennett (Launchpad), Toks Olagundoye (Mrs. Beakley), Executive Producer Matt Youngberg and Co-Producer and Story Editor Francisco Angones.

The panel began with a mass audience singalong to the theme tune. The cast and creatives were then introduced with David Tennant receiving huge cheers that could apparently be heard in the panel room next door!

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Here's what we learned about the new series:

Inspiration and Development:
  • The series was written like a family comedy show. The family just happens to be the greatest adventurers of all time.
  • There will definitely be plenty of race cars, lasers, and aeroplanes 
  • They are trying to make something that they are proud to show their kids 
  • Matt and Francisco were heavily inspired by the comic book works of Carl Barks for the new DuckTales 
  • David Tennant said his favorite episode is one that takes place back in time!
  • There will be Disney Easter eggs all through the series. There will besome pop culture but mostly the show is self referential to its past
Scrooge McDuck:
  • Scrooge is a rolling enigma, "...much like myself!" says David Tennant
  • Every episode, a new corner of his past is revealed
  • David Tennant says that Scrooge McDuck has been around for a long time and has had many adventures in his past, just like him
  • David was asked if he did any research for Scrooge. David replied he spent the night with some mallards one night. 
  • David says he doesn't really have the skills set to be an adventurer like Scrooge, but would still be successful at Amazing Race 
  • David's favorite part of playing Scrooge McDuck? Playing Scrooge McDuck, he says. 
  • Scrooge is "a bit timey wimey, a little bit old," says David
  • David Tennant on being offered the role:“When you get handed a present like this, you think, 'Oh, lovely!"
  • David was asked what it was like to be in two iconic franchises: “I feel like a god.... I feel quite jammy." 
  • Frank Angones then wrote a piece of dialogue on the hoof for David to perform as Scrooge live for the audience:

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Huey, Dewey & Louie:
  • The producers chose the nephews' birth order by how everyone says their names: Huey, Dewey and Louis.
  • Dewey is the reckless one, the 'Leeroy Jenkins' of the group
  • The producers identified with the younger ducks when they were kids and now identify with Donald and Uncle Scrooge
  • Danny Pudi is the best cartoon screamer in the business
  • Danny was asked if he went on an adventure with Huey, would it be successful? It would, he says. "I have my fannypack."

Webby Vanderquack
  • Webby has never really been out of the house before
  • Kate is super-amped to be Webby
  • Webby is a true adventurer at heart and very enthusiastic, just like Kate herself
  • Kate says that if she went on an adventure with Webby, she'd lead the way
Launchpad McQuack:
  • Launchpad has so much love and so much heart
  • Launchpad is always trying to help the family and whatever happens he always considers it a job well done.
  • Beck says an adventure with Launchpad would be a huge success. It would be over before it could even begin. 
  • Beck Bennett found out he had landed the role of Launchpad from fellow Saturday Night Live cast member Bobby Moynihan, who plays Louie 
Mrs Beakley
  • Toks Olagundoye, who plays Mrs. Beakley, says Doctor Who was her DuckTales when she was young, and David Tennant her favorite Doctor. The others agreed that David was also their number one Doctor. 
Other characters:
  • Darkwing Duck is confirmed for the new series and character designs were shown
  • Darkwing's villains will also appear, including Megavolt, Negaduck, Quackerjack, Magica DeSpell
  • A brand new character is Mark Beaks, a new tech billionaire. He's a main villain and the only person that Scrooge and Flintheart Glomgold hate more than each other 
DuckTales debuts anywhere you watch Disney XD with a one-hour special, 'Ducktales: Woo-oo!', that will run for 24 consecutive hours beginning at 12am on Saturday 12th August. This will be followed by the full series premiere with two new episodes on Saturday 23rd September. 

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