INTERVIEW: David Tennant On Fireman Sam, Politics & Being Voted The Hottest Actor On TV

David Tennant was interviewed by Chloe Hamilton of The i newspaper today ahead of the cinematic release in the UK of his new animated feature Fireman Sam: Alien Alert. David voices the comedic bad guy, TV host Buck Douglas, in the pre-school special that sees the town of Pontypandy become the centre of a raft of UFO sightings. 

Here's what David had to say in the article:

On Buck Douglas, his character:
"He's a little bit unscrupulous. He'll find aliens whether they're there or not."

On his animation voiceover work:
"I'm so fascinated by animation. It does feel kind of magical. I'm sure that's part of why we love it, particularly as children, but throughout our life it is a magic. It's an alchemy."

On the uncertainty of the actor's life:
"Any kind of freelance lifestyle has that sense that the floor is about to fall out from under you at any time. You never take it for granted, you never breathe easy. It's always a bit of a punt. Actors are a terrible bunch of worriers."

On being voted hotter than Tom Hardy:
"Anyone who's voted for that...I mean, I thank them for their flattery. But, you know, you don't to see me when I wake up in the morning."

On Broadchurch co-star Olivia Colman:
"[Olivia's] lovely to work with, lovely to be around. And she's a pal. I'd love to do something with her again."

On the next Doctor Who star:
"It's a lovely opportunity for whoever gets it, and I am jealous of someone starting out on that journey because it's a real trip. I mean it's bonkers, but it's not like anything else."

On being tempted to enter politics: 
"I wish I had the fleetness of thought and the brilliance to be good enough to go into politics, but I suspect I don't. What would I be saying? What gibberish would I be coming out with?" 

On his moral code:
"I don't understand how you can't think about society as a whole, how you can't understand that we all have responsibilities for each other and that we have to look out for the people who can't look out for themselves. I think that's just common sense."

The article also revealed that David has a secret project in the pipeline that he cannot talk about yet, and that he will be providing the voiceover for the next series of the award-winning BBC sitcom W1A, which returns to TV later this year. 

Fireman Sam: Alien Alert opens in cinemas on June 17th.