Get Your Exclusive Tenth Doctor Figure With The New Doctor Who Official Block!

Our friends at Nerd Block are very excited to announce that they have partnered with Titan to produce an exclusive 6.5" Tenth Doctor figure with exclusive battle deco paint variant as part of the first Doctor Who Official Block!

Doctor Who Official Block Lead Buyer Nicole Giffen explains her choice to include the figure in
the first Block: “David Tennant is one of the most-beloved Doctors, so we couldn’t wait to
include an exclusive variant figure of the Tenth Doctor in our Block,” she says, “Showing the
Doctor in his battle-worn state is an ode to the episode The End of Time Part Two, where he
fights against the returning Time Lords. It’s one of my favorite scenes, and the figure captures
the Doctor perfectly.”

We also had the opportunity to speak with James Watson of Titan Merchandise for more about
this outstanding Battle Deco Tenth Doctor vinyl figure:

What was your inspiration for this Tenth Doctor variant figure?
We're big David Tennant fans, and we wanted something special for the first Doctor Who Block!
We wanted to give the fans something that would look great on a shelf (hence the larger scale)
as well as pay tribute to an iconic moment in the show's history!

How did you narrow down the look with such a large amount of source material?
It wasn't easy! The Tenth Doctor has gone through a huge number of different looks (something
fans of TITANS will agree with - we've produced more Tenth Doctor variants than any other
character!) but we wanted to go with something that represented more than just a costume
change. The Tenth Doctor's final moments are not only hugely emotional, but capture the
Doctor at his very best. He manages to survive the Master and the Time Lords, but ends up
sacrificing his life to save one person - his friend Wilf!

How much did the design change from conception to creation?
Luckily, not much! We've been producing a Tenth Doctor TITAN for a number of years - the
original designs were approved by David Tennant at the start of TITANS history! And we had a
lot of help from the BBC in getting this design approved.

What is your favourite part of designing a new figure?
I love every stage! From picking out the design, to receiving the initial 3D renders to finally
having a figure of your favourite Doctor that you can put on your desk!

What is the best part of working within the ​Doctor Who​ universe/license?
We're all colossal Doctor Who fans, so the best part is being able to talk about Doctor Who all
day! Plus being able to interact with not only the cast and crew, but the fans! There's a real joy
in being able to produce actual physical pieces of all my favourite characters!
What's next for Titan in terms of ​Doctor Who​? (If you can give us any hints!)
We will be announcing our next Doctor Who blind-box wave very soon. I can't say too much, but
it'll cover the show's history and will feature some characters that we have been asked about for
YEARS! I've seen the designs and I'm incredibly excited to reveal them. Watch this space!

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