PRESS REVIEW ROUND UP: Mad To Be Normal - ""The Charismatic Core Is Tennant"

David Tennant's latest film Mad To Be Normal is out in selected UK cinemas from this week and a number of reviews have been published today. 

Mad To Be Normal is based on the story of world-renowned Scottish psychiatrist RD Laing who opened a unique anti-psychiatry community at Kingsley Hall, East London, during the 1960s to offer medication-free treatment to people diagnosed with mental illness.   His revolutionary methods involved experimenting with LSD on his patients and practicing a form of self-­healing known as metanoia, causing outrage and controversy in the medical profession and radically changing attitudes and perceptions of mental health around the world.

David Tennant stars as Laing alongside Michael Gambon, Elisabeth Moss and Gabriel Byrne, The film was written and directed by Robert Mullan and is produced by Gizmo Films and Bad Penny Productions.

Check out some of the reviews below:

⭐️⭐️️⭐️️⭐️ The Guardian 
"David Tennant is on pugnacious, mercurial and beady-eyed form in this very interesting and absorbing film. It’s one of his best performances."

⭐️⭐️️⭐️️⭐️ The Times
"The charismatic core is Tennant, all unsentimental humanity, flamboyant flaws and paisley shirts as the man whose radical methods had him dubbed “the acid Marx” and “the white Martin Luther King”

⭐️⭐️️⭐️️⭐️ The Daily Expess
"Tennant offers a spot-on evocation of a mercurial figure."

"Tennant’s charismatic performance draws attention to the way cinema can bring an acceptability to ideas and individuals that is otherwise alien."

Islington Gazette
"Tennant brings charisma to a rambling tale"

⭐️️⭐️️⭐️ Eastern Daily Press
"David Tennant offers the charisma of R.D. Laing in Mad To Be Normal"

"The film’s main asset is Tennant; his Laing is both commanding and nurturing, provocative and playful."
"David Tennant is electric as RD Laing"

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