THROWBACK THURSDAY INTERVIEW: David Tennant Talks St Trinian's II And Leaving Doctor Who

Today's Throwback Thursday post is an interview David gave to BBC Newsbeat in December 2009.
In it he speaks about his film, St Trinian's II and leaving Doctor Who...

How did you come to be in St Trinian's the sequel?
They just asked me really. I didn't know a great deal about it, but I watched the first one and I thought it was a great deal of fun. In Britain it made enough money for them to go for a sequel, that's quite something.

That is - but the critics didn't exactly love it...
Did they not - oh that's very's just really good fun. It knows exactly what it is and what it's trying to do. I think it's great. My nieces when I told them I was doing this shrieked so loud...for girls of a certain age it's a real hit.

Why do you think that is? 
You don't often see girls being the heroes... the girl's are very empowered and they look great and really strong. It's also just really good fun.

You've got grey hair for this film? 
I think they wanted it to be George Clooney, but its a bit more Phillip Schofield.

So what does your character have to do?
I'm the head of a secret organisation that doesn't like women - very misogynist and very old school. So it means I'm at odds with...St Trinian's School. But for complicated plot reasons I won't go into St Trinian's and I are set at odds because Miss Fritton the headmistress, played by Rupert Everett, and I have a bit of a family history. I have a secret I can't allow the girls to find out. Basically I'm the villain - that's all you need to know.

Do you have any stunts?
I do have to come down on a wire at some point. It's always good fun...with Doctor Who I got to do a lot of hanging off things and getting blown up. It's like being in a playground isn't it?

Were you mates with Rupert Everett?
No I met him for the first time...and Colin Firth as well...and they're great. Rupert's quite intimidating as he's a very tall man in a dress, which draws the eye, but he's good fun. And Colin's the most charming man you could hope to meet.

And Doctor Who - have you finished and did you cry? 
It was an emotional finish and the final story is very emotional there was crying on and off screen. Until they broadcast, it will still feel like mine.

Are you quite reflective about it? 
I didn't know how I'd feel when they started filming again. There were photos of Matt was in costume and that was the first realisation that it is going on without me. But it was actually quite exciting, I can't wait to see it.

Will you be watching it at Christmas?
Well I will still be in it, so I will be sitting round with three or four hundred of my closest friends forcing them to watch me on television. That's what happens on Christmas Day.