VIDEO: David Tennant Narrates Red Nose Day W1A Trailer

Red Nose Day is back on March 24th, and this year the BBC are putting their top team in charge! The first trailer for this year's nationwide fundraiser is now online, revealing a mock documentary style, complete with voiceover from David Tennant, that will be immediately familiar to fans of the hit sitcom W1A.

Watch the trailer here:

The organisers promise more trailers in the same vein soon, and say that more will be revealed when the 2017 campaign launches on Tuesday. In the meantime, W1A fans can be confident that Ian Fletcher and Siobhan Sharpe have the whole campaign completely under control...what can possibly go wrong..?

Red Nose Day is a UK-wide fundraising event running every two years (alternating with Sport Relief), run by the charity Comic Relief which was founded in 1985 by Lenny Henry and Richard Curtis in response to famine in Africa. The day culminates in a live BBC telethon including exclusive comedy performances and sketches, alongside the serious appeal films, aiming to raise money to support those living in poverty or experiencing insurmountable difficulties in the UK and across Africa. For more information click here.

The award-winning comedy W1A, starring Hugh Bonneville, Jessica Hynes, Sarah Parish and Jason Watkins, and narrated by David Tennant, is set in the offices of Broadcasting House and pokes fun at the bureaucratic entanglements of a fictionalised BBC. Production is just beginning on a third series, expected to air later in the year.