NEW INTERVIEW: Meet The New Girl In Town Georgina Campbell Joins Broadchurch As New Police Officer

The new series of Broadchurch is due to premiere on ITV on Monday night and as well as reuniting us with some of our favourite characters we'll be introduced to a host of new faces, including Detective Constable Katie Harford played by Murdered By My Boyfriend star and BAFTA winner Georgina Campbell.
Chatting on the set of the series, alongside her co star David Tennant, Katie explains more about the prickly police officer "Over the two series, Hardy and Miller got to know each other – they're in sync, now Katie's coming in and disrupting that.
"There's this big gap between the knowledge they have and the knowledge she has, but she's got this young, spunky attitude of, 'I know everything' – that youthful arrogance, that means that they butt heads a lot."
David interjects "In a sense, she gets the ire that I used to direct at Miller!, She's new and a bit naive, a bit cocky. She does start to get on our good side, but almost inevitably that's going to go wrong!"

Georgina hadn't played a detective before but she had help on hand.
"My dad actually worked for the police so I got to speak to him about the role. Over the years I have heard a lot about his work and I know the stresses involved, the long hours and how much work they put in so that was very helpful.
"I did also, for research purposes, watch a few documentaries and also during our rehearsals a former police woman, who is an advisor on the show, came in to speak with us. She could tell us exactly how things work, exactly what would happen in different circumstances when dealing with a serious sexual assault."

Georgina found that getting scripts one at a time as filming was in progress actually helped her in the role easier.
"It was unusual, normally I would have read all the scripts and have my character mapped out, but this was a lot more natural as I was put in the same position as my character. None of us in the show knew who did it, none of us knew what had really happened so we're all slowly finding out, which makes everything a little more organic on camera which is really exciting - especially playing a detective!
"Everyone was coming up with wild theories, we were actually picking up clues and hints as we filmed which is a great way of getting into your character. On set everyone would be talking about what they'd read the previous night and what has happened - it is almost like getting to be an audience member of the show!"

She also admitted  landing the role was a 'pinch me' moment.
"It is such a prestigious show and one on which, having watched the first two series, I got completely hooked. I was over the moon when I found out I'd got the role but it was quite daunting to begin with. So fantastic to get the chance to work with amazing actors at the top of their game. Just seeing how David and Olivia work together, what they do on set, how they bring the text alive I really enjoyed it and learnt so much.
"And I loved filming in the West Country. West Bay is a lovely place and it seems like Broadchurch is such a massive part of their culture now; everyone is really interested in filming, they are very supportive and it's a great atmosphere."

And the drama has another new supporter.
"My mum is a very new Broadchurch fan," explains Georgina. "When I got this job and was over the moon, I called my mum to say I'm going to be in Broadchurch and she had a very lack lustre response. It turns out she hadn't seen it so I bought her the first series which she watched in two days and then we watched the second series immediately and now absolutely loves it and has become a massive fan. She's great she doesn't want to know anything about the third series, doesn't want the story ruined so all the secrets are safe!"