BROADCHURCH: Olivia Colman Talks Series 3 - "Ellie and Hardy need each other"

Ahead of next week's premiere of the third and final series of Broadchurch Olivia Colman explains what's in store for her character Ellie and tells how she'll miss working with David Tennant...

Olivia is sure the chemistry between Ellie and Hardy is down to her and David Tennant being such good chums.

"Chris Chibnall has written them brilliantly. They are really good mates - possibly each other’s only mate.   They need each other and it is quite funny, a bit like watching the old Hinge and Bracket; like old ladies always having a go at each other."

"It feels like they have been friends for longer than they have, the way they bicker but they clearly deeply respect each other and would staunchly defend each other against other people.   I think it makes people feel quite secure in watching their friendship.   Maybe it just makes them laugh at how horrible they are to each other even though they clearly love each other."

"It really helps that David and I get on so well.   You can sort of tell that Hardy and Ellie like being together because David and I like spending time together, it makes it much easier.  I will miss working with David, if we could stand next to each other on set every day I would be so happy.   We giggle, he is never late, knows all of his lines… he is a dream person to work with."

Olivia explains what is happening in Ellie's life when we return to Broadchurch.

"We discover that her dad is living with her after her mum has passed, but I think she is finding family quite annoying. She is on her own so her dad’s help is great but her son… it’s not easy at the best of times for a teenager but he knows what his dad was put away for, so it's pretty hard and he is becoming a bit of a pain in the backside. So it’s all quite trying for Ellie and I think it is probably quite nice for her to be at work."

And Ellie’s relationship with Beth has moved on as well...

"It’s amazing, that friendship, considering what happened. They just really need each other. They can’t bear what’s happened but it is a miracle that Beth is still able to love Ellie, it makes her an incredible person. It’s not Ellie’s fault and she knows that. They look after each other as well."

"I am so pleased they’re friends because I know Jodie and I found it really hard hating each other last series."

Olivia loves the fact that she and David get to interrogate all the guest stars.

"We get spoiled because we get to sit opposite everybody, all these brilliant actors, and get front row seats to some amazing performances. Like Julie Hesmondhalgh who is brilliant in this."

Speaking of that role she continues: "Knowing that every moment of everyday there is someone reliving something like that.   The bravery of Trish… the bravery of that woman is so fantastic to show.   That there are people who want to help you and who offer their time and protection and love.   If you have the bravery to ask for help it is all there. That is a great thing to show people. Speak out, don’t let anyone get away with this."

Olivia explains that the subject matter of this series is one that is very important to her.

"I had done some research previously for other jobs and I feel quite passionate about Refuge, domestic violence against women and children, and Tender which is the charity that hopes to teach people when they are young how to avoid situations when they get older.   So I have become passionate about all of these issues… violence against each other and that ties in with sexual assault obviously.   I’m really pleased to be a part of this story and it’s amazing how people don’t know how common this is. People need to know, I think."

"I met the representatives from the local organisations, who helped Chris (Chibnall) with his research, when they came to set and there were a couple of women in particular who were our advisors who were just incredible.   We had a policewoman and a woman from Dorset Rape Crisis who were amazing and it was really humbling, what they do I know I couldn’t do but I am in awe of them.   Thank God they are there.   I  hope they are happy that we have shown what they do because they are so poorly funded it’s going to be a shock to people when they realise that these people are volunteering to do the hardest of jobs.   There’s no applause or awards show for them."

"We have to do whatever it takes to stop this happening.   We need to put everything we can into teaching and helping people to repair the damage.   People have a right to be themselves and not to feel scared."

Broadchurch returns to ITV on Monday 27th February at 9pm