Spy In The Wild Narrated By David Tennant Is TV Ratings Winner For Thursday

The first episode of Spy In The Wild, narrated by David Tennant, attracted 5.33 million viewers on its premiere airing on BBC One on Thursday night, 24.6% of the TV audience at the time.

The new wildlife documentary from John Downer productions was a terrestrial TV winner for the 8pm slot, only held in second place for the first half hour of the show as 5.94m (27.6%) watched the ITV soap Emmerdale; ITV’s audience then dropped to 3.70m (17.0%) when The Cruise began at 8.30pm. On BBC Two, 1.70m (7.9%) tuned in to The Great Interior Design Challenge with Channel 4’s The Restoration Man attracting 1.20m (5.5%). Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun over on Channel 5 was watched by 0.95m (4.4%).

The new five-part nature series Spy In The Wild is one of the most innovative natural history series ever presented. The programme makers deploy over 30 ultra-realistic animatronic 'Spy Creatures' to go undercover in the animal world, filming their unique behaviour closer than ever before. The first episode explored Love; if you missed it you can catch up here (UK license payers only).

Spy In The Wild continues on Thursday 19th January on BBC One when up close footage reveals Intelligence among members of the animal kingdom.