PHOTOS: A Closer Look At The Stars Of The David Tennant Narrated Series Spy In The Wild

David Tennant is the narrator for a new five part BBC One documentary, Spy In The Wild, that starts on Thursday 12th January at 8pm.

In one of the most innovative natural history series ever presented, Spy In The Wild deploys over 30 ultra-realistic animatronic 'Spy Creatures' to go undercover in the animal world, filming their unique behaviour closer than ever before.

Take a look at some images of the stars of the series below:

Meerkat clawing Spy Meerkat. South Africa.

Langur monkeys looking at Spy Langur. India.

 Spy Bushbaby in tree trunk.

 Spy Croc Hatchling.

Spy Prairie Dog

Leopard tortoise close-up. Kenya.

 Spy Crocodile Hatchlings close-up. Uganda.

 Spy Wild Dog Pup close-up. Botswana.

 Wild dog pups inspecting Spy Wild Dog Pup. Botswana. 

Spy Wild Dog Pup. 

 Spy Orangutan close-up in forest. Borneo.

 Orangutan inspecting Spy Orangutan. Borneo.

 Grey squirrel stealing nut from Spy Squirrel. North America. 

 Crocodile with young in her mouth. Uganda.

Spy Wild Dog Pup with no skin.

 Close Up Spy Wild Dog Pup with no skin.

 Close Up Spy Langur Monkey “under the skin.” 

 Prairie dog mold.

 Spy creatures key designer John Nolan working on Spy Wild Dog Pup

The Spy Creatures

In episode one the Spy Creatures investigate the rarely-seen emotions and feelings of animals - and ask if they are as complicated and strong as our own. Through these Spy Creatures' eyes we discover the origins of love.

Spy Pup is immersed in wild dog life, where he has to act fast to be accepted by the curious pack, as imminent danger is lurking in the wild from different sides. Baby Spy Crocs allow us to join the infant reptiles on a rollercoaster ride inside the mouth of their mother, as she uses unusual tactics to transport her newborns to safety.

Our Spy Creatures take us closer than ever before to animal sadness and mourning: an accident strikes as Spy Baby Monkey becomes the centre of the story when it meets a troop of over 120 langur monkeys. Spy Tortoise takes further into the story of grief as he witnesses what seems to be awareness of death, never before seen on film.

Spy Egg becomes Spy Chick while imprisoned with a mother hornbill, who tries to rear her new brood in a safe, self-induced solitary confinement for two months.

Spy Penguin is immersed in the turbulent action of the mating season, as a male Adélie penguin falls victim to a pebble thief who ruins his chances of love for the season - despite the help of Spy Penguin.

Spy Tortoise and Spy Bushbaby are deployed to keep watch on chimpanzees, where they witness the chimps' jealousy, protective instincts as well as their softer side, in a thought-provoking scene where a chimpanzee adopts a new pet.