David Tennant Supports Reprieve's Call For Birthday Messages For Ibrahim Halawa

An Irish student who was a child when he was arrested in Egypt will tomorrow spend his 21st birthday in an Egyptian court, where he faces the death penalty alongside 493 others.

Ibrahim Halawa, from Dublin, was arrested in 2013 during the army’s breakup of protests in Cairo. He is being tried as an adult despite having been a juvenile at the time of his arrest, in breach of international and Egyptian law. The mass trial – which has been postponed 16 times since it began – is due to restart tomorrow (13th), which is also Ibrahim’s 21st birthday.

Human Rights organisation Reprieve are asking you to join them in signing a happy birthday card for Ibrahim to help him and his family stay strong on such a difficult day and David Tennant has offered his support.

In an email to the organisation's supporters David says:

Dear supporter, 

Your 21st birthday is usually a cause for celebration: maybe on your 21st birthday, you went to dinner with your family or a party with friends. Tomorrow, when Irish student Ibrahim Halawa turns 21, he won't be celebrating. Instead, he'll be in a courtroom - facing a death sentence for the "crime" of attending a protest in Egypt while on holiday there aged just 17. Since his arrest, he has been repeatedly tortured. 

Can you join me in signing a birthday card for Ibrahim, so he and his family know that our thoughts will be with them tomorrow? 
Ibrahim has faced so many cruelties since his arrest: he has been repeatedly tortured and endured terrible conditions over the past three years in prison, waiting for trial. Ibrahim should have been off at university. He should have been able to attend his sister's wedding. He should have been able to see his nieces and nephews grow up. Instead, he has been robbed of his youth. 

In a recent emotional open letter addressed to Ireland, he begged "If I die away from you, take me back from them to be buried in your soil". After 3 years of imprisonment, Ibrahim needs our words of comfort and support now more than ever. 
Please sign this card to let Ibrahim and his family know that we are behind them, with hope that Ibrahim celebrates his next birthday at home with his family in Ireland  

Thank you for your support,

David Tennant
Supporter of Reprieve

Thanks to Georgia at Reprieve