THROWBACK THURSDAY: Getting Personal With David Tennant - 1999 Interview

Today's Throwback Thursday post is an interview with David Tennant from The Guardian in 1999

Have you ever adopted a pseudonym and, if so, why?
Well, David Tennant is actually a pseudonym my real name is David McDonald, but Equity forbade me from using it. There's a guy at the Glasgow Citizen's Theatre called Richard David McDonald who I think may have got there first. 

Have you ever lied about your age and, if so, why?
Never, although every other actor does, so I'm starting to think I should. 

How would you describe yourself in a lonely hearts ad?
Tall, skinny Scottish bloke seeks dissimilar. 

What was the last illegal thing you did?
I couldn't possibly comment. 

What was the last kind-hearted thing you did?
I couldn't possibly comment. 

Who's the nicest person you've ever worked with?
Anne-Marie Duff. 

What are the initials of the most unpleasant person you've ever worked with?

Has a critic ever made you cry?
Yes I was playing King Arthur in Edinburgh, which was only my second job, and the review in The Scotsman said: `The cast of 18 are uniformly excellent, with the exception of David Tennant, who lacks any charm or ability whatsoever." Which I have to say floored me for quite a while. 

What would you advertise without a fee?
A charity I believed in/Honeynut Shredded Wheat. 

What would you never advertise?
The Conservative Party/McDonalds. 

What wakes you up screaming at 4 in the morning?
The upstairs boiler overflow pipe dripping outside my window. 

What takes you to a `happy place'?
The number 91 bus. 

Source: The Guardian September 1999