THROWBACK THURSDAY: Best And Worst TV Survey: David Tennant - 2007

Today's Throwback Thursday post is an interview with David Tennant from the Radio Times back in 2007

Name your three favourite recent TV shows
The only programme I've made a titanic effort to watch recently is Life On Mars: great idea, great cast, great writing.
Guilty pleasure - what do you secretly enjoy watching even though you know you shouldn't?
I have to confess I've been watching Joseph (Any Dream Will Do?), just as I watched How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?
TV today - better or worse?
It's so hard to tell. There's a temptation to say today is worse but, let's face it, there was a lot of rubbish in the old days, too, and because my family was one of the last in Paisley to get a video, we sat through a lot of it.
Favourite TV Show ever?
As an adult, my favourite show ever is The West Wing, I've got every episode that was ever made. And when I was a child, yes, Doctor Who!
Most memorable TV moment of all time?
For me, it was catching The Young Ones, by mistake, the first time. Up until then sitcoms had been things like Never The Twain or Terry and June - shows with lots to commend them, no doubt, but not new and exciting and different like The Young Ones was. As kids growing up, we felt this was our show.
Worst programme ever made?
Lots, but I can't think of any at the moment.
You've fallen on hard times and must appear on TV - Celebrity Big Brother or Strictly Come Dancing, which would it be?
Can't I just take a pill instead?