NEW ON RADIO: David Tennant Narrates The Ebb Tide

David Tennant is the narrator for a new radio dramatisation of Robert Louis Stevenson's novella The Ebb Tide, which will air on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 11th December. The production is the second in the two-part miniseries Terror In The South Seas, part of  Radio 4's short season celebrating the classic Scottish writer.

Terror In The South Seas: The Ebb Tide
BBC Radio 4
Sunday 11th December, 3.00pm GMT
Three destitute men steal a schooner. They drink the cargo of champagne and try to steal a treasure trove of pearls from a local slave-owning trader. Starring Stanley Townsend and Rupert Evans with narration by David Tennant.

At the height of his powers, Stevenson tackled the most pressing theme on the islands - the vicious effects of colonialism including slavery, racism, sexual exploitation and the conflict between traditional and modern values. The subjects are as vivid today as in 1894 and these compelling and violent stories feature some of the most driven, dangerous and obsessive characters in fiction. Joseph Conrad drew on these novellas for Heart of Darkness.

The Ebb Tide has been produced and directed by Clive Brill for Brill Productions.

Listeners outside the UK will be able to listen online via the BBC Radio 4 player.

As previously announced, David will also star in Terror In The South Seas: The Beach Of Falesa, airing on Sunday 4th December. Both titles have been taken from the Robert Louis Stevenson collection South Sea Tales and have been adapted for radio by author and scriptwriter Jane Rogers.