The Ultimate David Tennant Character Poll - TV Round 7

Today we are launching the 7th round of  the TV category in The Ultimate David Tennant Character Poll  which will see David's most popular roles pitted against one another until we reveal who the fan's ultimate favourite character is.

There will be 4 categories TV, Theatre, Film and Audio with 8 rounds in each.
Through a succession of votes, held over on our Facebook page here, we will work our way through the rounds, to quarter finals, semi finals and the final.
The winner of each category's final will then battle it out for the title of Ultimate Character.
Each vote will last for 7 days and the winner will be announced as the next vote starts every Monday.

TV Round 7 sees  Jean-Francois Mercier from Spies Of Warsaw Vs Brendan Block from Secret Smile

The winner of TV Round 6 was perhaps the most controversial so far with Emmett Carver from Gracepoint narrowly beating the original UK character of Alec Hardy from Broadchurch despite there being just one season of Gracepoint and the show being a remake of the hugely successful UK series Broadchurch. Emmett now goes on to battle Kilgrave from Marvel's Jessica Jones in the quarter finals...

How it will work:

8 Rounds pit 16 of David's most popular characters against each other

QF A  TV Campbell (Takin' Over The Asylum) Vs Peter Carlisle (Blackpool)
QF B  TV The Doctor (Doctor Who) vs Arthur (Einstein and Eddington)
QF C TV Kilgrave (Marvel's Jessica Jones) vs Emmett (Gracepoint)
QF D TV Round 7 Vs TV Round 8

SF A Winner of QF A vs Winner of QF B
SF B Winner of QF C vs Winner of QF D

Winner of SF A Vs SF B