Inside Birmingham Children's Hospital Narrated By David Tennant Returns Next Week

The heart-warming documentary series, Inside Birmingham Children's Hospital, which is narrated by David Tennant, returns to Channel 4 on Tuesday 30th August at 9pm for the second part of the series.

Set in the heart of Britain’s second city, the series combines single camera documentary film making with a multi-camera rig set up throughout the hospital to give a 360 degree perspective on the whole hospital, its staff and of course, those that pass through its doors daily, all set against conversations round the dinner table at home and the fraught, funny and all too recognisable family car journeys to and from the hospital.

The series also features and hears from more than 50 members of staff ranging from leading surgeons and Emergency consultants to specialised nurses, technicians and clinical child psychologists as they care not just for their patients, but the emotional wellbeing of the whole families they have in tow.

During the series, we’ll follow a number of stories; from life-threatening illnesses and deeply personal psychological challenges to time-honoured childhood bumps and scrapes. 

Inside Birmingham Children's Hospital
Tuesday 30th August, 9pm
Channel 4

Parenting starts with keeping your children safe and secure, then becomes about learning to let them go. But the parents and children in this new episode fight for their future when ordinary life is dramatically thrown off course. When the stakes are this high, mothering and fathering instincts are intensified. Nine-year-old Evan and his family receive an extraordinary piece of news after discovering that he urgently needs a life-saving kidney transplant. The news puts his parents back in the driving seat as they face a vital decision about Evan's future. Teenager Keanu's life also recently changed dramatically when she was diagnosed with a kidney disorder and heart problems. Her mum has been by her side every step of the way during her treatment but faces a unique challenge when acts of teenage rebellion threaten to undermine Keanu's health. Can Keanu take responsibility for her own health, and can her mum learn to let her? Meanwhile, a busy Emergency Department treats five-year-old Lewis, who has swallowed several coins while playing shops with his teddies, and fearless nine-year-old Khaldun, who may have broken his little finger while performing a roller skate stunt.