UK TV PREMIERE: David Tennant Narrates Episode 5 Of Inside Birmingham Children's Hospital On Channel 4 Tonight

David Tennant narrates the fifth episode of a new ten-part weekly series, Inside Birmingham Children's Hospital, from 9pm on Channel 4 tonight.

The heart-warming documentary is produced by Dragonfly, the team behind the award winning One Born Every Minute, and is set in one of the largest and most advanced paediatric units in the world. With an unprecedented scale of access, the show follows children and their families on their journeys through 34 specialist departments and further afield into their homes across Britain. The series also features and hears from more than 50 members of staff ranging from leading surgeons and Emergency consultants to specialised nurses, technicians and clinical child psychologists as they care not just for their patients, but the emotional wellbeing of the whole families they have in tow.

Set in the heart of Britain’s second city, the series combines single camera documentary filmmaking with a multi-camera rig set up throughout the hospital to give a 360 degree perspective on the whole hospital, its staff and of course, those that pass through its doors daily, all set against conversations round the dinner table at home and the fraught, funny and all too recognisable family car journeys to and from the hospital. Over the next ten weeks, we’ll follow a number of stories; from life-threatening illnesses and deeply personal psychological challenges to time-honoured childhood bumps and scrapes.

Inside Birmingham Children's Hospital
Episode 5
Thursday 7th July, 9pm
Channel 4

Most parents dream big for their kids, but when your child's health is in question, all of that changes. Priorities shift as events threaten to change their futures forever. This episode follows parents rapidly adjusting their hopes for the future in the face of potentially life-threatening accidents, and another mother refusing to abandon her hopes for a son who urgently needs an organ transplant. Twelve-year-old Mollie is brought to A&E by ambulance after being knocked over by a car on her way home from school. Until Mollie's parents arrive, Dr Kate has to be mum and dad as well as treating her injuries. Nine-year-old Matthew was born with a rare kidney disorder and urgently needs a kidney transplant. The odds of finding a suitable live donor are three in 10,000, but that doesn't diminish his mum Nicola's determination. Twelve-year-old Rebecca arrives by helicopter after falling off her horse. Her mum and dad face every parent's worst nightmare as a significant brain injury threatens to change Rebecca's life forever. And two-year-old Dean, the youngest of five boys, is rushed to the Emergency Department by his mum after he chokes on his roast dinner.