Quick Quotes: David Tennant & Matt Smith's Q&A Panel At Wizard World's The Doctors

David Tennant and Matt Smith took part in a Q&A panel at the Wizard World Comic Con event, The Doctors, in New York earlier today.
Check out some quick quotes and highlights from the chat below:

"Weirdly, every time I see David, I think - there's Doctor Who!" - Matt Smith

What was it like stepping into the Tardis for the first time? "I was so nervous...It's such a big scene." - Matt Smith

"David was so popular, and I would walk down the street, and everyone kept saying to me - 'Don't break Doctor Who!'" - Matt Smith

"There's nothing really like it. It's a unique self-help group." - David Tennant on being a part of the Doctor Who family

David Tennant picked 3 of his own roles that he would invite to dinner: Arthur Stanley Eddington (Einstein And Eddington), Richard II, & Jimmy Porter (Look Back In Anger).

"The thing with Number 10 is, he's a real swashbuckler." Matt Smith on what David Tennant brought to the role of Doctor Who

"I'd go back to The Globe Theater and see Hamlet for the first time... see if they remember their lines" - David Tennant on a day with the TARDIS.

"Is there a large anti- round things movement?" - David Tennant on the 'round things' in the TARDIS.

"John Simm was amazing." - Matt Smith and David Tennant on one of their favorite all-time actors on Doctor Who

"He's running away from the mortality of people he spends time with" - David Tennant on the Doctor

David Tennant: "Maybe he got to meet the Beatles..." 
Matt Smith: "...maybe he wrote all the songs!"
David and Matt create a new plot for an episode of Doctor Who

Have you ever gotten away with anything because you were the Doctor? "Yeah..." - Matt Smith & David Tennant admit being the Doctor has it's perks.

"That's an easy one" Marvel star David Tennant on the choice between Marvel and DC

"I'd really like to stroke the face of one of those cat people." - David Tennant

"I wanted to be Luke Skywalker (as a kid) which is probably the wrong decision." -  David Tennant on Luke vs. Han Solo

"Candy floss and biscuits." - David Tennant on what's inside the Doctor's head.

Photo By Melissa MJ Boneta