USA BOOK RELEASE: Doctor Who: 365 Days of Memorable Moments and Impossible Things Out Today

Do you remember the first time you saw the TARDIS? Rack your brains no more - you'll soon have the answer at your fingertips. New from BBC Books today comes a jam-packed collection of Doctor Who facts, figures and significant dates. The latest work from novelist and screenplay writer Justin Richards, Doctor Who: 365 Days of Memorable Moments and Impossible Things, is published in the USA today.

23 November 1963: The first ever episode of Doctor Who – An Unearthly Child – is broadcast.
21 July 1969 - Silence Will Fall
23 August 2014: Deep Breath is Peter Capaldi’s first full episode as the Twelfth Doctor.
3 March 2472 - The Master tracks down the Doomsday Weapon

For over half a century, Doctor Who has entertained and enthralled fans with the time-travelling adventures of the Doctor. From the first glimpse of a police telephone box in a Totter’s Lane junkyard to the fall of the Time Lords' home planet, Gallifrey, Doctor Who has provided a near-inexhaustible list of indelible memories.

Doctor Who: 365 is a unique and captivating chronicle of those moments – flashes of drama or humour, terror or joy, for each and every day of the year. Revisiting classic battles, thrilling escapes, iconic characters, game-changing plot twists and more, Justin Richards creates a fascinating portrait of the world’s longest running science fiction series, and an essential addition to any Doctor Who fan’s collection.

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The book will also be available on Kindle on Thursday 10th March in the UK.
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