"Audio Drama Can Be Very Seductive" David Tennant & Catherine Tate Talk Their Doctor Who Return

Eight years after the Tenth Doctor and Donna finished their time travelling adventures together on screen in Doctor Who, David Tennant and Catherine Tate have teamed up once more to bring the much loved characters back to life for a brand new series of audio stories and the pair have spoken to the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine to explain why they were so keen to join forces once more.

"There is something intimate about having voices in your ears, I think, and allowing yourself to fill in the pictures. There's something quite potent about that. We are very fortunate in this country in that we have Radio 4 , which is a wonderful resource for such things, and it uses a slightly different part of your brain. Obviously it taps in to your imagination. But it can be very seductive, audio drama. I love it. I listen to it a lot, and it takes you somewhere. It fires up a particularly emotive and exciting part of your brain." says David.

It was David's idea for the Tenth Doctor to be joined by Donna Noble in the series as both lead actors were keen to work together again and whilst their return to the characters prompted a huge reaction in the Doctor Who fandom, the actors themselves were taking it in the stride with David saying "We just sort of bumble along, don't we? We got a phone call, and the prospect of doing it together always means you'll have a nice time, if nothing else. We'll have a laugh."
The difference between recording for TV and recording for audio is also a plus point with both David and Catherine stating they love the speed that you can work at with audio with David pointing out there's "No lines to learn" Catherine agrees "No, it's right in front of you, no make up, no costume. Big Finish is the way forward!"
"And you get the whole story done in a day. It used to take us weeks!" adds David.

The prospect of David returning to the role as the Doctor on audio was always one that fans were keen to hear because of his previous work with Big Finish and his public enthusiasm for the genre.
Back in 2007 he spoke to DWM about the possibility and told them "Yeah, absolutely. In my dotage, when I don't sound like myself any more, and I've got false teeth rattling down the microphone, or even sooner than that, I'd love to."
Luckily fans didn't have to wait that long for David to provide the Doctor with some new tales and he and Catherine have recorded three new audio episodes which will be released in May.
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You can read the full interview with David Tennant and Catherine Tate in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine which is out now!