PHOTOS & VIDEO: David Tennant On The Set Of Mad To Be Normal

The cameras started to roll on David Tennant's new feature film Mad To Be Normal only yesterday and the first greatly anticipated pictures of him on set have already hit social media. David is playing R.D. Laing in the upcoming biopic, the iconic Scottish psychiatrist who revolutionised the treatment of the mentally ill in the 1960s through his controversial experimental community at Kingsley Hall in London.

David was snapped yesterday in the company of Twitter's @DagsDrkDestroyr who said of him, "A really nice guy to give his precious time to a fan." The photo shows the 60s styling that David has adopted for the role of Laing.

David was also spotted filming in a bookshop in the city of York earlier today along with his co-star Elisabeth Moss and was photographed by local newspaper York Press.

Some footage of extras filming a scene was posted on the York Press site too, with a blink-and-you'll-miss-him glimpse of David leaving the set. 

Mad To Be Normal, written and directed by Robert Mullan, is a Gizmo Films production in partnership with Bad Penny Productions and GSP Studios and will be shot on location in Yorkshire and London over the next few weeks. Also starring Michael Gambon and Gabriel Byrne, the film is expected to premiere later this year.