NETFLIX: David Tennant Voices Spitelout In New Episodes Of Dragons: Race To The Edge

The second season of Dreamworks' Dragons: Race To The Edge is now streaming exclusively on Netflix, with David Tennant returning to the role of Spitelout Jorgenson, the father of Snotlout. The series is based on the How To Train Your Dragon series of novels by Cressida Cowell and continues the adventures of young Viking hero Hiccup, his dragon Toothless and their friends. 

In the last season of Dragons: Race To The Edge, the Hiccup and the team unlocked the secrets of the Dragon Eye and discovered the island of Dragon's Edge. Now an army of dragon hunters led by the nefarious Ryker are invading their new land, meaning that the Dragon Riders must pull together to protect what's theirs.

Watch Dragons: Race To The Edge here (Netflix subscription required).

David Tennant guest stars in 3 episodes of the new season:

Episode 1: Astrid's Team

The riders return to Berk upon receiving a distress letter to find the village in ruins after a hit-and-run attack by Dagur's armada. Astrid, after seeing her home destroyed, decides to train a new team of Dragon Riders. Many recruits apply, including Gustav, Gothi, and Spitelout, but Hiccup takes notice of her overly harsh regimen and points out she wants her students to fail so she has a reason to stay on Berk and protect her family. Hiccup returns to find Dagur laying siege to Dragon's Edge and sends word for back up, and Astrid and Stoick appear as reinforcements, but the odds are still against them until the trainees appear and fend off the attackers. Though they receive reprimand, Astrid promotes them to full Riders with Gustav as the leader and remains on Dragon's Edge.

Episode 5: Snotlout Gets The Axe

Spitelout comes to Dragon's Edge to announce a union between the Jorgenson and Hofferson clans and charges last pick Snotlout with delivering the Jorgenson family axe to the Isle of Frigga for the ceremony. Upset over his father's lack of faith of him, Snotlout tosses the axe in anger down on an island where it is found stuck to the magnetic hide of a new dragon - the Armorwing. Snotlout uses the Smothering Smokebreaths to get it back and the riders help the Armorwing when they pick apart its hide, earning its trust. They deliver the axe late only to discover a fight broke out and the wedding was cancelled. Meanwhile Fishlegs teaches the twins about Viking marriage and Tuffnut, believed to be certified, weds Fishlegs and Ruffnut.

Episode 11: A Time To Skrill

A sudden attack on Outcast Island and Berk during consecutive lightning storms finds the riders facing off against the Skrill once again. Toothless chases it off with a direct assault, but find Stoick's house to be the only one damaged. They discover the Skrill wants revenge on Hiccup and Toothless for trapping it in the glacier once again. Hiccup and Toothless decide to face against it one on one and later lead it into a trap, but the Skrill anticipates their plan and traps them instead. The two escape into the ship graveyard and Hiccup decides to lure it towards Ryker, Dagur, and the hunters to incapacitate it, but his plan backfires and the hunters capture the Skrill. The riders are cornered in trying to release it, but receive unexpected help from the Skrill itself in sending the hunters away. Just as they are about to imprison the Skrill again, Hiccup decides against it, and the Skrill is set free.