COMIC RELEASE - Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Adventures Year 2 Issue #5 - Out Today!

Today sees the release of the latest issue in the ongoing comic book adventures of the Tenth Doctor. The officially licenced series, now in its second year, features new adventures with the Doctor, as played onscreen by David Tennant, and his companion Gabby Gonzalez. Issue #2.5 is now available from your local comic book store and the Titan Comics website. A digital version can be found on ComiXology

Issue #2.5 - Medicine Man Part 2
Writer: Nick Abadzis
Artist: Elena Casagrande
Colorist: Arianna Florean
Nick Abadzis and Elena Casagrande have teamed up once again to bring the latest instalment in the ongoing adventures of the Tenth Doctor. He and his companion Gabby Gonzalez are still trapped in Earth's Stone Age at the mercy of an unknown extra-terrestrial menace, and the pair have been separated during their attempt to get to the bottom of the disturbing abductions plaguing the ancient tribes. While the Doctor and his new friend, the Neanderthal healer and artist Munmeth, try to work out to where they have been taken, Gabby finds herself in the hands of a gang of rebels. 

When the threat to the early tribes is revealed to be a form of entertainment for their alien captors, the Doctor's sense of moral outrage is, of course, piqued. But his challenge to the invaders only raises uncomfortable questions about the ethics of his own race. And it appears that there's more to the invasion than meets the eye and bigger and more powerful forces are at play. For the Doctor and Gabby, they're not out of danger yet...and how does this join up with Gabby's friend Cindy's encounter with Captain Jack Harkness back in modern day New York?

The issue is available in a choice of 3 variant covers: Cover A by Elena Casagrande, Cover B (photo cover) by Will Brooks and Cover C by Josh Cassara and Hi-Fi. Check out the alternate covers and some preview artwork below.