PREVIEW: Doctor Who Comic UK Volume Two #3 - On Sale Now!

The time-travelling thrills continue in issue 3 of Doctor Who Comic!
In this month's issue: the Four Doctors special event comes to an unmissable conclusion; the Twelfth Doctor's luck may be about to run dry in 1960s Las Vegas; and the people of SERVEYOUinc City face dark days under the watch of the Eleventh Doctor.
Doctor Who Comic is out now!!

The Old Twelfth Doctor is the leader of the Voord. The Doctors tried to escape him, but failed. Their memories altered, they were thrown back into the Vortex, with no hope but to relive everything they've just experienced, with no chance of altering their ultimate fate. The
Doctor-Voord didn't need Gabby or Alice, so ordered them shot on sight. As the pair tried to make it back to the TARDIS, a Voord shot rang out, and Alice fell. And Gabby... Gabby opened the Eleventh Doctor's package of comics, the last thing she had connecting her to the Doctors - and was gone, with a terrifying cry!

When Clara and the Doctor landed amid the bright lights of 1960s Las Vegas, a group of intergalactic high-stakes marauders, known as the Cybock Imperium, crashed the party, intent on world domination - and on erasing all who stand against them with the help of a stolen Time Lord weapon! As Clara flees for her life alongside legendary lounge singer Frankie Seneca and his Wolfpack, it's up to the Doctor and boxer Sonny Lawson to muscle their way past the Cybocks...! How much is the Doctor willing to gamble to save Earth from being wiped from existence?

The Doctor came to the planetary headquarters of SERVEYOUinc
armed with enough shares to take ownership of the company. Which he did. But then the Talent Scout gave him what he wants. Now the Doctor rules over the SERVEYOUinc planet from his skyscraper-sized TARDIS, and everyone here is happy. Or at least pacified. Or at least not dead... Yet. The Doctor's former companions - Alice, Jones, and ARC - are on the run, pursued by SERVEYOUinc forces, with only a back-up hologram of the Doctor's true personality for assistance. Can they bring the Doctor back to himself?