OUT TODAY: Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor Year 2 Issue #3 From Titan Comics

Today sees the next instalment of the Tenth Doctor's ongoing comic book adventures from Titan Comics, as Year 2 Issue #3 hits stores.The new adventures follow the Tenth Doctor, as portrayed onscreen by David Tennant, as he begins travelling with a new and original companion, a talented New York artist called Gabby Gonzalez. 

Writer: Nick Abadzis
Artist: Eleonora Carlini

Gabby's best friend Cindy remained on Earth at the end of her last adventure with the Doctor – a decision Cindy immediately regretted! Now, with only Gabby's sketchbook of unseen adventures to guide her, she must find her way back to the Doctor... but sinister forces already have her under surveillance!

Writer Nick Abadzis has been responsible for a number of exciting and innovative storylines featuring the Tenth Doctor and in this latest edition of Titan Comics' ongoing adventures he doesn't disappoint. The latest chapter is the first Doctor-lite story of the Time Lord's travels with Gabby and explores instead what happens to the people that the Doctor's companions leave behind.

Cindy Wu stayed on Earth when her best friend Gabby left in the TARDIS following the incident with Dorothy Bell. Originally cynical about the tales that she was hearing, of adventures through space and time, of aliens and stone angels and nightmarish monsters, she has since become drawn into that strange world and witnessed enough weirdness with her own eyes to realise, just too late, that she wants more. Now she is perusing Gabby's sketchbook, which of course gives a wonderful opportunity for Eleonora Carlini to show off her own artistic range. Cindy soon runs into the enigmatic Cleo, herself still dealing with the aftermath of their encounter with Anubis, and before long the pair of them are facing some peril of their own. It seems that Gabby's prized sketchbook is a little more powerful than she thought and certain people are keen to get their hands on it. But just as the feisty Cindy has run out of ideas to keep her and Cleo alive, help arrives from a very surprising, yet very welcome, quarter!

The issue comes with a selection of covers which you can check out below along with a sneak peek at some of the artwork . 

Grab your copy at your local comic store or online here from today. The issue will also be available in digital form via comixology.com.