Jessica Jones Stars David Tennant & Krysten Ritter On Tumblr - Your Questions Answered

David Tennant and Krysten Ritter, the stars of the new Netflix exclusive series Marvel's Jessica Jones, have just completed a Tumblr Answertime session, answering fan questions, not only about the series but also Christmas gift ideas, feline plans for world conquest, their favourite shows to binge on Netflix and their excitement about appearing at Brazil's CCXP tomorrow.

Marvel's Jessica Jones follows the fortunes of the titular Jones, a former superhero turned private investigator, who is terrorised by her former captor, the mind-controlling Kilgrave.

Read what they had to say here:

howaboutanicecuppa asked:
I watched your show in a day and a half. What am I supposed to do with my life now?

KR: Start over. 
DT: Watch it again and do some video commentary. 

hashtagbootybounce asked:
what was your favorite scene to film?

DT: I like the police station. It was really well written and was my first big scene with Krysten. 

baby666bird asked:
David, do you prefer playing an evil character or a kind one?

DT: Evilness or kindness is in the eye of the beholder (with a wink).

nevillelongbootay asked:
Is there anything you both can relate too within your characters?

KR: I really enjoy the practical clothing.
DT: I really enjoy the suits.

french-bangster asked:
Can you describe your character in two words ?

DT: Mother. Fucker.
KR: Bad ass.

boobofthenorth asked:
what do you want the most for christmas?!

KR: Spinning bike and santa better deliver.
DT: More socks. And underwear. Not the cheap stuff. If anyone is looking for ideas…

teamsnowycurls asked:
do you think that cats are secretly plotting against all of humanity

DT: I don’t think they care enough.

ameatdagger asked:
perks of filming in NYC?

KR: The food.
DT: Agree.

kaokun asked:
What was the biggest difference between working on a Netflix show and working on a TV show?

DT: The way it comes out. Making the show is almost the same but the binge factor is fun to see.

allonsyackles asked:
Can David please dress like Kilgrave every day??

DT: I do. What are you talking about?

youwinhelenaa asked:
Are you guys sports fans at all? If so, which sports and teams?! <3

KR: No. It is on at my house because a man lives there but I am like “what is this noise?”
DT: No. 

methbloodandmoney asked:
Hello, whats the funniest thing that happened on set?

KR: The show is really serious, so we had to stay serious. But we fantasized about it.

woahtennant asked:
David and Krysten, you both play your characters so wonderfully in Jessica Jones and I was wondering: was it easy to get into character? - Marcelina

DT: When the writing is strong, you know what you are in for. And it was, so that always helps.

spooky-scary-dallonton asked:
What is your favorite kind of pizza ?

KR: I like pizza. A lot.

kittymeowsxx asked:
(For both) Did you get to keep anything from the set? A prop? Wardrobe? :)

DT: Not a thing. Marvel security is crazy.
KR: The shoes on my feet.

prattfalling asked:
Are you excited for the new Star Wars movie?

DT: I am. The moment when Chewy and Solo show up is one of the greatest moments in recent memory. 

lie-for-me asked:

DT: I like your shoes.

slammusubi asked:
I love Breaking Bad and I love Doctor Who, will I love Jessica Jones???

KR: Duh
DT: Of course you will. You clearly have great taste.

melissabenoistvevo asked:
What superpower would you want to have? (Use it for good)

KR: Mind control.
DT: I do think mind control is the best one but fear it would corrupt you very quickly. 

baby666bird asked:
Does Kilgrave really love Jessica?

DT: As far as what he understands love is, he does. But not sure he has a full understanding of that word.

ameatdagger asked:
what would jessica say if she met daredevil and what would kilgrave say if he met Wilson Fisk?

KR: Wait and see.

french-bangster asked:
What is your best memory on set?

KR: I was carrying David over my shoulder and my hair got caught, went to drop him and fell to the ground. 

yaybasanti asked:
Is this your first experience with tumblr? If yes, welcome to the madness and have fun :)

DT: Yes. I don’t even know what I am doing.
KR: Yes.

sweetie-psycho asked:
My friend wants to know how would The Doctor react to meeting Kilgrave?

DT: Good question. I don’t know if he would be impacted by Kilgrave.

oscardicarlo asked:
Do you think the recognition gained will help marvel realise that female superheroes are a viable source of entertainment?

KR: Yes.

littlemisstacobell asked:
How long did it take to film the whole season

KR: Seven and a half months, not including pre-production.

comiclawguy asked:
David, was there any serious suggestion that you be painted purple, like the comic book character? ;)

DT: No, there never was. 

ohcaptainmystark asked:
Did you enjoy shooting the various fight scenes and which was your favourite to do?

KR: Episode 12 with Luke Cage. Very fun. And when I smash Simpson into the fridge. That was fucking fun.

deathtosocializing asked:
How are you doing today?

KR: Wonderful. Thanks.
DT: Cockadoodledoo!

drxpdeadhideous asked:
If you could meet your character in real life, what would you say to them?

DT: Stay away from me!
KR: Sweet jacket dude!

dontjudgemehpls asked:
What is your favorite quote from Jessica Jones?

DT: My wife’s favorite line “I wrote it.”
KR: Something about bags of dicks.

annie-biotics asked:
How was filming those scenes with the water in the chamber/room thing? Are y'all sympathetic to Kilgrave? Any fun facts?

KR: It was so fun.
DT: It was quite intense. The scene is tough and so good.

cyberblonde asked:
what was the last show u binged on netflix??

KR: Bloodline
DT: Bloodline too!

mountaindwellingfairycat asked:
Krysten, how weird did it feel when david tennant licked your face?

KR: I was a little gross.
DT: and it was early on, so it was “Hi, nice to meet you. I am going to lick your face.”

madkingtennant asked:
what are your favorite bands/genre of music? x

KR: The War on Drugs
DT: and so is mine.

sorphiturner asked:
Are you excited to being in Brazil? What places would you like to see?

KR: We are so excited to be here. What is the name of the cheese bread? Either way, we can’t wait to see everyone at Comic Con.
DT: We are thrilled. Tomorrow should be amazing!

captainevanschris asked:

We love you too! Thanks for all the questions. See you at Brazil Comic Con.

KR: Tell your friends to watch Jessica Jones.
DT: I second that!

Marvel's Jessica Jones is now available to stream on Netflix