David Tennant's 2015 Patron Message For Headway Essex

David Tennant has sent his annual message to Headway Essex for their latest newsletter. Headway Essex is a Chelmsford-based organisation that provides support and advice for people who have acquired a brain injury. They work through their Day Centre in Chelmsford, which provides rehabilitation activities and via their community support service. David has been the Patron of the charity since 2007 when he visited the centre as part of his research into playing the role of Alan Hamilton in the BBC drama Recovery.

David says:
My association with Headway Essex started when I visited the Headway Centre in Colchester to research a role I was doing for a BBC drama; Recovery.
The people I met at the Headway Centre came from all walks of life, and whether their injury had been caused by a road traffic accident, stroke, illness or domestic fall; all just needed patience, understanding and help to get back on their feet and rebuild their lives. It was heart warming to see how many turned adversity into a personal asset to share with others to help their recovery.

I also learnt that brain injury is overlooked as a health condition, especially as the effects of the injury are often hidden and may not become apparent until after the person returns home from hospital. Lack of understanding in the community can also make life very hard for anyone struggling with the effects of brain injury.

Headway Essex like many thousands of small/medium charities working in health and social care play a vital role in the community. These are just ordinary people doing extraordinary things, but these charities cannot help if they do not exist.
With your support, Headway Essex will continue to work tirelessly to raise awareness of brain injury, ensuring there are better services for survivors of brain injury and their families and to bring brain injury out of the shade.

So to the Trustees, Staff and Volunteers of Headway Essex; well done and please keep up the good work and to all the supporters who give so generously; be proud that you are helping to make life worth living again for hundreds of adults living with the effects of brain injury.
This is truly something to celebrate and shout about.

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You can also donate directly to Headway Essex here.