VIDEO: David Tennant Chats To Absolute Radio About Jessica Jones

During yesterday's visit to the Absolute Radio Studios in London, David Tennant spoke to Christian O'Connell about his new Marvel series, Jessica Jones, which is due to launch exclusively on Netflix globally on Friday 20th November and he was happy to explain more about what the show was about for those less ofay with the background,  "It's a Marvel Comic thing so it's a superhero show but it's a bit more of a kind of grown up show than that.  There's nobody in a Spandex outfit.  It's the second one of the Marvel/Netflix collaborations."

Talking about his new character, Kilgrave he said "He’s a little psychopathic, certainly. He has this ability that everything he says, people have to do. He compels people… Anything he asks them to do, they must do. That’s his superpower and if you had that ability, how can you claim you would maintain the moral high ground?  He doesn’t know! As he says himself, “I don't know if people are doing things because they want to or because I’m telling them to. It’s not my fault!”

But he did add that it was nice to play a bad guy for a change, "It’s great! It’s great!  You get to play these scenes where everything you say to people, you just do it. You go, “Turn round,” they turn round. “Pick that up,” they pick it up. It’s quite intoxicating, it’s quite nice to get to hang your morality in the dressing room for a while and dabble on the dark side of your psyche."

Watch a clip of David chatting about Jessica Jones below:

Thanks to Absolute Radio