Marvel's Jessica Jones - A Spoiler Free Preview Of David Tennant's New Netflix Series

If you think you know David Tennant then think again. He may well be known as a handsome hearthrob, a lovable rogue and a time travelling charmer, but his new role in Marvel's Netflix Original series Jessica Jones is about as far removed from anything you've ever seen him in as you could get.
Sure we all know David has an amazing range, he is after all an award winning Shakespearean actor, and he has of course played the 'bad guy' before - who could forget his terrifying turn as the psychotic ex boyfriend from hell in ITV's Secret Smile back in 2005, not to mention the tongue flickingly gruesome Barty Crouch Jr from the Harry Potter film franchise - but nothing will prepare you for the performance he puts in as Kilgrave a man so vile that even the suggestion of his presence will have you terrified.
David truly shines as the absolutely evil and vile super villain, his performance as hypnotising as the effect that Kilgrave has on his victims.

Krysten Ritter is also outstanding as Jessica, a flawed and complex woman, who's life has been torn apart by events linked to Kilgrave during her time as a super hero. This is the first time a Marvel female character has had her own series, and they could not have chosen a better lead. Krysten handles the darkness of Jessica's past with a natural aptitude. Jessica doesn't need rescuing by a man, though she uses them to drown her sorrows almost as often as she uses alcohol, this is a woman who has the strength (quite literally) to rescue herself. With Jessica, Krysten has created a complex and compelling character. In fact the cast features a plethora of strong female roles, portrayed expertly by the actresses assigned to them and a strong female presence on the crew means that this show is a female force to be reckoned with.

The show itself has a buzz of anticipation surrounding it due partly to the amazing success of its predecessor, Daredevil. Jessica Jones has a lot to live up to, and having seen the first 7 episodes we can honestly say it does that - and then some. The character of Jessica, or indeed that of Kilgrave, are not as well known in the Marvel universe, as those from Daredevil, but they do still have a hard core following with comic book fans and they will not be disappointed by this adaptation of the Brian Michael Bendis books nor will the more casual viewer because this show has so much more to offer than being another super hero series. Jessica Jones, is dark, it's as much a psychological thriller as it is a super hero show. It's gritty, it's real, it's most definitely an adult show and it's fantastic.