FREE COMIC: Get To Know Marvel's Jessica Jones Before The Season Launches

Wondering who Jessica Jones is? Well, wonder no more. Marvel have released a free comic book preview to their latest Netflix exclusive miniseries, due to premiere on Friday 20th November.

Written by the original comics creator Brian Michael Bendis with art by Michael Gaydos, the 12 page prelude gives readers a taste of what we can expect from the latest entrant to the MCU. There's even a cameo from Daredevil, bridging the two series as we prepare to delve deeper into the darkest corners of Hell's Kitchen.

Marvel's Jessica Jones #1 is available FREE now through the Marvel comic store or ComiXology.

Order your copy from the Marvel Store here
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Marvel's Jessica Jones follows the former eponymous superhero who is rebuilding her life as a private detective after a tragic incident led her to hang up her cape. However, a dark figure from her past is about to return, sending shockwaves through her world. The series, said to be a dark psychological thriller, is adapted by showrunner Melissa Rosenberg from the Marvel MAX comic book series Alias, written by Bendis.
David Tennant will star in the drama as the sinister supervillain Zebidiah Kilgrave also known as Purple Man...

Watch the series exclusively on Netflix from 12.01am PT / 8.01am GMT on Friday 20th November.

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