AUDIO: The Adventures Of Luther Arkwright On Offer From Big Finish This Weekend

The 2005 Big Finish audiobook The Adventures Of Luther Arkwright will be on special offer this weekend, on sale for just £9.99. The special deal is just one of many offered by Big Finish this weekend in their Big Finish Gems campaign, focusing on the cream of the titles outside their main ranges.

The Luther Arkwright 3- CD set, which has only recently become available to buy again, was recorded in 2005 with David Tennant in the role of Bryan Talbot's dimension-hopping comic book hero. Paul Darrow (Blake's 7) co-stars as a descendant of Oliver Cromwell, the leader of a dystopian England in an alternative reality. Siri O'Neal, Robert Jezek and Michelle Livingstone also star.

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The Adventures Of Luther Arkwright
Luther battles against the Disruptors in a parallel world where many things are familiar - but nothing is the same.
The alternative England where Luther fights the Disruptors did not see the monarchy restored after the English Civil War and has been under the rule of the Puritan Parliamentarians for hundreds of years. Lead by a direct descendant of Oliver Cromwell, England is ripe for the taking by European superpowers that are preparing to invade. Many in England dream of past glories and an empire ruled by the long exiled Kings and Queens of England. A second Civil war is brewing - its aim to bring Prince Charles to the throne and Luther must

The Adventures Of Luther Arkwright is adapted by Mark Wright from the original comics by Bryan Talbot and is directed by Jason Haigh-Ellery.

Other titles include The Phantom Of The Opera, Treasure Island, The Picture Of Dorian Gray and selected releases from the Sherlock Holmes range. Big Finish will also ship to addresses outside the UK - please check the website for costs. 

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The special deals end on Monday 26th October at 12.00pm BST