'The Incomparable David Tennant' - Krysten Ritter On Marvel's Jessica Jones & Her Co-Star

Krysten Ritter, the star of the upcoming Netflix exclusive series Marvel's Jessica Jones, has been talking about the filming of the show and about her relationship with her co-star David Tennant. Krysten was in conversation with Marc Strom, editor of Marvel.com, for the weekly Marvel Podcast.

Much of the show, a dark, gritty adaptation of the MarvelMAX comic book series Alias, revolves around the dynamic between the Krysten's character Jessica Jones, a former superhero, now turned private detective, and the shadowy Kilgrave, played by David. Their past encounters were abusive and twisted and Jessica was left traumatised by events. The evil inflicted on Jessica by Kilgrave is what has shaped her whole character; however Krysten was happy to confirm that the real David was a million miles away from his onscreen identity.

"The incomparable David Tennant!" she said. "He is a total pro, he is a joy to be around. He is a very kind person and a very supportive scene partner - one of the best scene partners I've ever had in my whole career, and I've had a few great ones."

"David Tennant blew my mind day in and day out with not only his acting ability but also his professionalism and his general attitude," she continued. "Just like a good guy, such a great person." 

Krysten confirmed that the show would be very unlike anything that Marvel have produced so far, either for cinema or TV.

"This is them crossing the line to a whole other genre," she said, "So that's an exciting thing to be part of, because our show is a psychological thriller and it's dark and gritty, it's very different from the movies. Even just taking all the superpowers out of it this is still a very complex, unique and different character and the show is unlike anything I've seen on television."

You can listen to the whole podcast here. Krysten's interview begins around 45 minutes in where she also discusses the tone of the show, her preparation, working with Mike Colter and performing her own stunts. 

Marvel's Jessica Jones is adapted by Melissa Rosenberg from the Alias comic book series by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos. All thirteen episodes will be released internationally on Netflix this autumn.