Out Next Week: Doctor Who Comic Issue #8 Hits UK Stores

The eighth issue of Doctor Who Comic from Titan Magazines will be available to buy in UK shops from Thursday 10th September. The 100 page bumper edition collects together the ongoing comic book adventures of the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors, as portrayed onscreen by David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi. 

Each edition of the comic features brand new unseen stories featuring each of the three Doctors, humour strips and exclusive competitions. 

The adventures continue...

The Weeping Angels Of Mons Parts 3 & 4

On the battlefields of WWI, the soldiers believed mysterious
moving statues were saving them from the horrors of war, but the Doctor knows the truth is far worse. Having recovered his Sonic Screwdriver and won the trust of Captain Fairbairn and his troops, the Doctor must now lead the survivors to safety. But stranded in a derelict warzone, under fire from artillery bombardments, the Time Lord is beginning to question humanity. With the TARDIS missing and the Weeping Angels closing in, will the Doctor and Gabby ever escape the trenches?

The Rise And Fall

Alice believed her mother had returned from the dead, only for it to be revealed as a trick by SERVEYOUinc’s deplorable Talent Scout. Accidentally volunteering herself as Infinite Astronaut, Alice was forced to embark on a dangerous imension-crossing mission to discover the Creator’s true identity. While their quest ended an interstellar war, Alice’s inability to feel the cosmic wonder she witnessed has left her empty. Now, the Doctor has had enough. No one hurts his friends and gets away without at least a stern telling-off. It’s time to lodge a complaint – at SERVEYOUinc Headquarters!

The Fractures Part 3

In our world, UNIT scientist Paul Foster was killed in a car crash –
in his, his wife and daughters perished, and only he survived.
This alternate Paul Foster has crossed through the Void to reunite with his family in our reality. But he doesn’t belong here, and a menacing group of body-hopping interdimensional entities known as the Fractures are hunting Foster to stop reality from rupturing!
Now the Fractures have infiltrated UNIT headquarters, and Chief Scientific Officer Kate Lethbridge-Stewart knows there’s only one person who can help them – the Doctor. But he and Clara have problems of their own!

There’s also a chance of winning a VIP Family Pass to the Doctor Who Festival at London’s Excel Centre on Sunday 15th November!

Get closer than ever before to the creative team behind the series with EXCLUSIVE panel-led sessions, featuring special guest appearances from Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat, Michelle Gomez and Ingrid Oliver! With the latest costumes and props on display, photo opportunities with the cast and the real series 9 film set, and the chance to learn insider secrets at the Production Village and Drama School, don’t miss the chance to fully immerse yourself in the Whoniverse! 
Details of how to enter are only available in Doctor Who Comic #8

The comic will be available to buy in newsagents and supermarkets or online here, where you can also pick up any back issues you may have missed.

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