AUDIO: Listen To A Sample Track From Peter And The Wolf And Jazz! Narrated By David Tennant

Hear a track from David Tennant's latest audio recording, a brand new and innovative version of Sergei Prokofiev's Peter And The Wolf. The classic children's symphony is given an inventive twist as the traditional orchestra is replaced by a jazz big band, The Amazing Keystone Orchestra. David narrates the rustic tale of a young boy and his animal friends who encounter a wolf in the meadow.

Record label Harmonia Mundi have released a sample track, 'Grandfather came out', to Spotify ahead of the full release of the album later this month. 

Peter And The Wolf And Jazz! 
Narrator David Tennant invites you to share in a strange and wonderful adventure: a jazz big band adaptation of Prokofiev's famous tale. Jazz instruments take the place of the classical orchestra in this innovative adaption and in addition The Amazing Keystone Orchestra introduce listeners to the sound of the big band and to the history of jazz. The booklet relates the story in a series of magnificently realised illustrations (by Martin Jarrie). Commissioned by the Festival Jazz a Vienne where it was first performed on June 28th 2012, this 'non-classical' Peter and the Wolf aimed to introduce children to all forms of jazz. In 1936 the composer of Ivan the Terrible offered an introduction to the instruments of the classical orchestra. Three-quarters of a century later, this new recording allows listeners to explore the sounds of a big band, along with the history of jazz and improvisation through its evolution and its various genres. This artistic initiative uses a formation very close to the typical Duke Ellington band: 2 alto saxes, 2 tenors, 1 baritone, 4 trombones, 4 trumpets and the rhythm section made up of the only strings in the group: piano, double bass and guitar. The only addition to this classic big band line up, indispensible for the bird, is the flute and, replacing the fourth bass trombone, the tuba.

UK fans can pre order the CD here - released 2 October 2015
USA fans can pre order the CD here - released 11 September 2015