UK: REVIEW - Doctor Who Comic Issue #7 - In Stores Now

UK Doctor Who fans eagerly awaiting the start of the new series in September may be glad to hear that in the meantime they can spend some time in the company of the Time Lord right now thanks to Titan Comics.

Issue #7 of Doctor Who Comics is in shops now, and the bumper giant sized summer special is packed with brand new adventures starring not just one but three of the Doctor's incarnations. Join the Tenth Doctor, as played onscreen by David Tennant, in the trenches of World War I and dive into the middle of a long-running space battle with Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor. Finally you can fight off some mysterious entities from the Void with the Twelfth Doctor and Clara, as played by Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman.

Read what's inside here:

The Twelfth Doctor
The Fractures - Part 2

Writer: Robbie Morrison

Artist: Brian Williamson

For the first time since Journey's End, the Doctor revisits the concept of multiple realities and the terrifying void that exists between them . Paul Foster, a UNIT scientist who was experimenting with travel between dimensions has been tragically killed in a car crash - so why is he now hiding out in the summer house at the family home? Morrison's story reintroduces Kate Stewart (played by Jemma Redgrave) who comes under threat as a gateway between universes allows a breach of the UNIT stronghold at the Tower Of London. The Doctor is all too well aware that crossing the void is not without its consequences and his pursuit of the dimension hopping Foster brings him face-to-face with a species that is new to him, the terrifying Fractures, creatures from the spaces between realities. Morrison's tense narrative contrasts periods of high jeopardy with tender moments of a family dealing with a terrible loss and being given the opportunity to have back what they have lost. Williamson's artwork brings a creeping dread to the tale as the swirling, shadowy entities gradually encroach upon our world. Now the Doctor now has a dilemma - is the happiness of four people really worth risking reality as we know it? Fans of the show can be very certain what his answer would be.

The Eleventh Doctor
The Eternal Dogfight & The Infinite Astronaut

Writers : Rob Williams and Al Ewing

Artist: Warren Pleece

The Eleventh Doctor is now travelling with a sizeable crew - former library assistant Alice Obiefune, John Jones, a forgettable nobody who will soon emerge as an international rock god and ARC, a walking mind who is still learning how to be. The story by Williams and Ewing revisits Alice's 'real' life problems that she has been hiding from in the TARDIS. She and the Doctor know that her travels are only offering her a temporary reprieve. However, with the Doctor around it's harder to step away from other-worldly adventures than she thought. They've followed her back to Earth - no sooner have they stepped out of the TARDIS than the eternal war between the Amstrons and the J'arrodic Federation arrives in the solar system. Knowing the dark regard the Doctor has for war, it's no surprise that he sees it as his business to try to sort things out. But while he's off with Jones and ARC in a typically fast-paced wisecracking adventure to the heart of the eternal dogfight, Alice is left alone and vulnerable. Wallowing in her grief she wishes that she could have back what she  has lost...

The mysterious ServeYou Inc are still influencing the lives of the Doctor and his companions, and this story arc allows the writers to show how easily they can infiltrate them. With the battling races at peace, the Time Lord turns his attention to an enemy whose influence is becoming more and more pressing. What answers will they find at the enemy's headquarters?

The Tenth Doctor
The Weeping Angels Of Mons - Part 2

Writer - Robbie Morrison
Artist - Daniel Indro

The Doctor and Gabby have travelled to the trenches of the Somme where they find chaos, despair and the fear of an unknown menace lurking in the shattered squares and churchyards of the devastated French countryside. It's an enemy that the Doctor has met before and he recognizes them as the most perfect and merciless of foes, the Weeping Angels. But can he convince the fearful military that they face a threat more deadly than the German bombardment? They have gained the grudging support of a young Scots trooper called Jamie Colquhoun whose willingness to help probably has more to do with his interest in Gabby than believing the Doctor. However it's the rather more by-the-book Captain Fairburn that the Doctor must win over, and that particular officer thinks that he and Gabby are a pair of spies. It takes a full on attack by an unbelievable threat for him to start to believe the Doctor.

Robbie Morrison's story deftly interweaves the main plot with the encroaching menace of the Weeping Angels as claustrophobia increases with each frame. Daniel Indro's depiction of the shattered town of St. Michel shows a Gothic citadel perched above a ravaged and smoky landscape and one in which it is entirely feasible that an Angel could be lurking inside every nook, behind every darkened doorway and down any gloomy passage. The Angels have the perfect arena to hunt, and with the Doctor and his colleagues encircled this chapter builds to a thrilling cliffhanger. It will take all of the Doctor's ingenuity to save the day - as long as he and Gabby can manage not to blink... 

Doctor Who Comic UK issue #7 is available in shops now

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