OUT TODAY: Titan Comics Summer Event Doctor Who - Four Doctors Issue #3

The third issue of Titan Comics summer event series Doctor Who: Four Doctors is out in comic stores and online today. The five part series, created by Paul Cornell and Neil Edwards marks the end of the first year of official ongoing comic series featuring the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors, as portrayed onscreen by David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi. 

Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Neil Edwards

Into the lion's den! The Doctors take the fight to the enemy... but have they already been outmanoeuvred?

The weekly event, running through August and September 2015 features the Tenth, Eleventh
and Twelfth Doctors and their comics companions! This epic event is the thrilling next chapter in Titan Comics’ bombastic Doctor Who publishing saga!

Four Doctors, three companions, one action-packed mystery!

Doctor Who: Four Doctors #3 is available in stores and digital platforms from today.

Clara Oswald had a mission – to prevent three incarnations of the Doctor from travelling to the planet of Marinus and falling into the configuration captured on a photo she has obtained that marks the beginning of the end of the universe. She really should have realised that as soon as the Doctor heard about something like that he’d be drawn to the location like a moth to a flame, no matter which face he bore.

Where issue 2 was seen through the eyes of Gabby Gonzalez, the Tenth Doctor’s companion, this one is described by Alice Obiefune, travelling with the Eleventh doctor, and she is horrified to see the Doctor’s fear and mistrust of himself. A trap is sprung and the Doctors and their companions find themselves trapped in an inescapable vortex of alternative timelines based on their own crucial decisions. What would have happened had the Tenth not saved Wilf’s life? Or if the Eleventh never reset the universe? Fortunately there’s a glitch which they can exploit…they think. Because in this maze of a trap with so many dead ends there is only one pathway through and rather than finding their way through, the doctor’s and companions need to realise that they might be being driven. Perhaps the Doctor was right not to trust himself. 

The issue comes with three covers to collect: an art cover (above), a photo cover and a companions art cover!