OUT TODAY: Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor Issue #14 From Titan Comics

There's a double comic book treat for fans of David Tennant's Doctor today. Not only has the first part of Titan Comics' 5-issue summer special adventure Four Doctors hit comic stores, the latest installment of the regular Tenth Doctor ongoing series is released.

The new and official adventures pair the Doctor with a new companion, the courageous aspiring artist Gabby Gonzalez, a New Yorker who joined the Doctor not long after he said goodbye to Donna Noble. The latest adventure is written by Nick Abadzis with art by Rachael Stott and Leonardo Romero.

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Issue #14 is available now from your local comic store. Alternatively click here to buy a print or digital copy. 

The story so far
Erik, Hans and Cleo – members of the Cult of the Black Pyramid – thought they were summoning their gods to Earth. Instead, they’ve caught the attention of the Seeker, an ominous entity searching for the Key: a mysterious force which appears to have merged with Dorothy Bell. Intent on rebuilding NYC to its maximum potential, and seeing the creative spirit in Gabby, Dorothy has taken her new friend on a high-flying adventure around the city. Now, the Seeker has captured the Doctor, Cindy, and the Black Pyramid trio. With Dorothy and Gabby in hiding, Cindy is beginning to wish she’d listened to her friend’s warning about the dangers of travelling with the Doctor...

Separated by an ancient force from the centre of the galaxy, the Doctor takes a cosmic trip into the history of the universe, while Gabby must negotiate with an unearthly intelligence for the sake of the planet. How much has she learned from her brief travels with the Doctor... and will it be enough to save her?

It's not often that the Doctor is caught on the backfoot by a foe, but even he admits that he didn't see a danger of this magnitude coming. What started off as a run-of-the-mill snoop around a black market sale of dodgy alien artefacts has escalated into a universe-threatening menace. The name of the Cult of the Black Pyramid may have rung bells with fans of Classic Who and now all is confirmed as a race already known to the Doctor and believed long extinct reappears and stakes its claim on all of reality. Nick Abadzis cleverly divides the telling of their tale between the Doctor and the members of the Cult. The issue's narrative is also told through fresh eyes: with Gabby accompanying the entity created by the merging of film star Dorothy and the Key, the Doctor is now with her best friend Cindy Wu. But if the Doctor initially thought that Cindy would be a liability, then it's time for him to think again. As far as Gabby's friends are concerned it seems that like attracts like. Cindy is as courageous, open-minded and loyal as Gabby - qualities of an ideal companion. However, will these qualities be enough to protect her from what she now faces and can she find it within herself to help the Doctor? The Time Lord is going to need all of his resources - and those of his companions - to help him stop an ancient and powerful threat that was once regarded as a god. 

Preview some artwork from Issue 14 here: