OUT TODAY: Doctor Who Comic Issue #7 In UK Stores - Catch Up Here

Issue 7 of Doctor Who Comic hits stores in the UK today. The Titan Magazines title collects together the monthly strips from the US-published ongoing Doctor Who comics featuring the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors, as portrayed onscreen by David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi, in all-new adventures. The officially licensed magazine appears every four weeks and is available from newsagents, supermarkets or directly from Titan.

If you're just jumping on board the series now, here's a round up of what's been going on in the first 6 issues:

The Twelfth Doctor
"If you're scared find a sofa to hide behind"
Robbie Morrison's tales of the Twelfth Doctor have taken him and Clara to the far future across the universe and the recent past on Earth. On a skiing trip to the ice world of Isen VI they discover that the planet has been terraformed into a tropical paradise, all on the whim of a multi-billionaire tycoon. However, the process has awoken an ancient menace, a survivor of a race of malevolent sentient suns called the Hyperions whose world was extinguished in a war led by the Time Lords. It takes the Doctor some smart manipulation of some of the other geographical features of the planet to get the better of this would-be god. However, closer to home there are stirrings on Neptune - it looks as if that wasn't the last the Doctor will see of the Hyperions.

The second adventure sees the Doctor and Jenna in India in a story that spans the past and present. The Doctor's old friend and former travelling companion Tiger is found drained of life but has left a warning about a powerful Indian family, the Scindias. The apparently altruistic family have built a massive space colony to alleviate some of the stresses of poverty and overcrowding on Earth, but Tiger warns the Doctor that they're actually a race of ancient aliens allied to the 'goddess' Kali. A trip to investigate propels the Doctor back into the past where he encounters an Amazon warrior on a mission to wipe out the Thuggee supporters of Kali. But Clara falls into the hands of the Scindias to be overwhelmed by the entity Kali herself. The plan is revealed to provide a massive human sacrifice to Kali. Can the Doctor fulfil the mission set by Clara's captors and save millions of human lives? Fortunately he has some timey-wimey trickery up his sleeve.

The third adventure, the Fractures, sees the Doctor return Clara to Earth so that she can balance her TARDIS travels with her day job at Coal Hill School. But something's amiss in London - UNIT are playing with their latest piece of technology, a Reality-Gate, bridging the dimensions through the abyss. Unfortunately Paul Foster, the developer recently died in a car crash, leaving his wife and two daughters. But why, in that case, is he sitting in his garden shed after his youngest daughter pulled him out of a wormhole? And why has an estate agent been pulled through a crack in the pavement only to reappear in his own office as something...different? The Doctor has worked out that something is wrong and it's something that needs them in 3-D specs. Whatever Paul Foster has done has broken the laws of reality. Now someone has to pay and the Fractures are calling at the Foster family home...

The Eleventh Doctor
"Admit it. You're having fun, aren't you?"
The Eleventh Doctor's adventures have a monochrome start. All the good has drained from the world of library assitant Alice Obiefune. Her mother has died, her job has been cut, her best friend is moving away and her landlord wants her out. Then one day her path crosses that of the Doctor - and a giant space dog - and like that the colour is back in her life. She's not the only one looking for a friend either. The Doctor has just left Rory and Amy back on Earth. When he and Alice meet they both quickly realise that they are exactly the right people for each other.

The adventures of Alice and the Doctor take them to the once perfect world of Rokhandi, now turned into a theme park by the shady ServeYouInc. It turns out that the people behind the company have met the Doctor before, but he has no idea when. The sinister company are determined to give people what they want, and in doing so take control of them and make them part of a wider consciousness. Even the Doctor isn't immune to this mind control, as they find on their second adventure, a trip to the American Bayou. This time it's a couple of music legends that save the day - Robert Johnson and a pub singer called John Jones, an utterly forgettable individual who will one day become a charismatic rock god.

Jones begins travelling with the Doctor and Alice when they are sidetracked to another ServeYouInc project, a lab in space who have been experimenting on ARC, a sentient being who is absorbing the minds of the ship's crew. The Doctor realisies that there is no harm in ARC, it just wants to learn, and the creature becomes the fourth member of their crew. The issue #5 adventure, in which the Doctor manipulates time in order to defeat a Nimon with a black hole bomb set to explode the TARDIS, teaches the four travellers how to get along with one another and value each others' strengths, as well as their own. Now they're all set to face another threat - Alice's landlord!

The Tenth Doctor 
"Take my hand...hold on tight!"
When a vortex erupts in a New York Laundromat, the owner's daughter, would-be artist Gabriella Gonzalez is thrust into a world of adventure that she could never have imagined. She dreams of escape but her destiny looks tied to the family business - that is until she crosses paths with a mysterious and exciting stranger. The Tenth Doctor is in town, following an anomaly and witnessing strange occurrences arising as Hallowe'en approaches. He isn't looking for a new companion after Donna, but when he and Gabby have to work together to escape from a monstrous attack on the subway, he realises that there is something special about her.

Gabby also has the Doctor sussed too. He talks a lot and says nothing, and that just makes her want to know more. The Doctor shows her what they are up against, the invisible Cerebravores, ethereal beings that feed on negative emotions and thrive on misery and fear. The celebration of the Mexican Day of the Dead is to be their target and Gabby's family are all there. And together with the Doctor's technology, it's her single-mindedness and courage that saves the day.

The Doctor rewards her with a TARDIS trip, taking her to visit an old friend of his, a quantum artist. But all is not well at the artist's retreat. She is in stasis and the studio is guarded by her twin apprentices, who are protecting their valued positions fiercely. The Doctor and Gabby are straight back into danger. Meanwhile, Gabby is trying to describe her adventures to her best friend at home Cindy in her journal - but is Cindy going to believe a single word? Again, it's Gabby's input and quick thinking that allows the Doctor to put things right again. 

They head off in the TARDIS for a trip to the past, but find themselves at a time that certainly doesn't show humanity at its best, on the battlefields of World War I. However, it's not just the shells and bullets that the Tommies need to beware of. There's a bigger menace lurking in the squares and crannies of the devastated Belgian villages, one that even has the German troops running scared - the Weeping Angels. With the Doctor injured and the sonic screwdriver in the hands of the British commander, can Gabby convince the already paranoid soldiers that they are not spies before the Angels start to pick off more victims.

You can get hold of all the back issues here

In today's giant size summer special issue:

The Twelfth Doctor
The Fractures - Part 2
Can the Doctor and Clara reunite a family, even when the laws of the universe seem to be set against them - not to mention the Fractures?

The Eleventh Doctor
The Eternal Dogfight
The Doctor and the gang are back in London to help Alice sort things with her landlord in this double length feature. But with the skies choked with warring alien fighter planes, they might have to fix an invasion first!

The Tenth Doctor
The Weeping Angels Of Mons - Part 2
Hunted by Weeping Angels in a warzone which claimed millions of lives, can the Doctor and Gabby find a way to make it out of the trenches alive?