Art Work For Doctor Who The Complete History Released - Subscribe Now!

Further art work featuring David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor for the new Doctor Who series 'Doctor Who - The Complete History' has been released.

Issue 1 of the series is released on 9th September for the special price of £1.99 and will feature the David Tennant era stories Gridlock, Daleks In Manhattan/Evolution Of The Daleks, 42 and The Lazarus Experiment.

You can view a selection of pages from the volume below:

Doctor Who – The Complete History builds to form the complete chronological history of Doctor Who. Each book is given in a specially chosen order to reflect the variety and breadth of the series.

Each volume includes:

A specially written introduction for each story, highlighting the contributions that each one has made to the mythology of the series.

A full, episode-by-episode synopsis of every story, including quotes from the characters and illustrated with images from the TV broadcast.

A detailed account of the production process, from scripts, through casting, rehearsals, location filming, studio recordings and editing and music.

How each story was promoted in the papers, on TV, in magazines such as Radio Times, and by personal appearances from the cast and production team.

Details of when and where each story was originally shown, along with viewer ratings, plus the reaction from the newspaper critics.

A complete listing of each story’s cast members and the characters they played, including those not credited on screen, along with the production personnel.

A biography of a key crew member, actor or author for each story.

The extended life of each story and its characters, featuring in reference books, full-length novels, video games, DVDs, gadgets, action figures, and toys.

Also revealed is the image, which can be seen above which will be used as the cover for the volume which will focus on David's episodes The Christmas Invasion, New Earth and Tooth And Claw.

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Each volume of Collected Comics features a different incarnation of the Doctor on a series of fantastic adventures that go beyond the TV series and includes the Tenth Doctor story The Widow's curse.