VIDEO: Doctor Who Materialises in LEGO Dimensions - Play As The Tenth Doctor

The world of Doctor Who is set to collide with the multi-universe mash up video game LEGO Dimensions, due for release in September. The game includes characters from the LEGO movie, Lord Of The Rings, DC Comics, The Simpsons and Back To the Future joining forces to battle an invader. Players will also be able to play as past regenerations of the Doctor - including David Tennant's Tenth Doctor (above) in a special Doctor Who mission available through the Doctor Who Level Pack. 

Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Michelle Gomez appeared at a special preview event for the game in San Diego last might where first footage and an exclusive SDCC trailer were revealed. The three will be voicing the characters of The Doctor, Clara and Missy respectively and will appear in the LEGO Dimensi. ons starter pack.

For more Doctor Who action fans will be able to purchase the add-on Doctor Who Level Pack. This includes all of the Doctor's previous incarnations, including the War Doctor, as playable characters voiced by the relevant actor through iconic phrases taken from the TV show archives. When the Twelfth Doctor is defeated in the game, he returns back to the start of his regeneration cycle and players can play though all of his regenerations up to the Twelfth again. The level also includes:

  • A brand new mission-based Doctor Who adventure
  • Changing TARDIS interiors reflecting the Doctor currently being played, which can also be manually selected
  • Interactive jukebox allowing players to choose which version of the Doctor Who theme is played
  • Rebuildable TARDIS and K-9 models which give different results in digital gameplay.
Check out the exclusive SDCC LEGO Diemensions Doctor Who trailer here:

Doctor Who Dimensions launches on September 27th 2015 (available from 29th September in the UK) for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and Wii U. 

The Doctor Who Level Pack will be available from November 3rd. An additional Doctor Who Fun Pack containing Dalek and Cyberman models will be out on January 19th 2016.

Check your local games retailer for pre-orders.