USA: Watch A Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Marathon On Disney XD Today

Great news for Doctor Who fans in the USA today - Disney XD are airing a marathon of the first ten episodes of season 2 of New Who. David Tennant stars as the Doctor, an enigmatic alien journeying through time and space in his craft, the TARDIS, and facing enemies old and new. Billie Piper co-stars as companion Rose Tyler. 

The episodes, which originally premiered in the UK on BBC One back in 2006, will be shown today from 12.00pm ET on both Disney XD and the Spanish language channel Disney XD en EspaƱol. Disney recently acquired David Tennant's seasons of Doctor Who, aiming to introduce a whole new generation of Americans to the character via Disney XD. The channel is aimed at slightly older children than the traditional Disney Channel audience.

Cast regulars include Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith and Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler. Look out for a wealth of guest stars including Zoe Wanamaker (Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone), Elisabeth Sladen (The Sarah Jane Adventures), Anthony Head (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), Sophia Myles (Thunderbirds) and Marc Warren (Jonathan Strange And Mr. Norrell).

The whole marathon will be repeated tomorrow from 9.30am while individual episodes continue to air regularly on the channel. Check our daily TV guide for details!

Doctor Who Season 2 Marathon 
Disney XD, Saturday 4th July

12.00pm ET: Episode 1 – New Earth
The Doctor and Rose travel to an alien world in the far future, where mankind has settled after the destruction of Earth. On arrival, they discover a luxury hospital conceals sinister secrets, and an old enemy they thought dead is plotting revenge.

1.00pm ET: Episode 2 – Tooth And Claw
The Doctor and Rose travel back to 19th-century Scotland, where they encounter Queen Victoria (Pauline Collins) and discover the sinister plot of an order of warrior monks. Meanwhile, local legends of a werewolf prowling the Highlands turn out to be more fact than fiction.

2.00pm ET: Episode 3 – School Reunion
As the Doctor investigates reports of strange creatures haunting a London school, he encounters an old friend - and her faithful robot companion. Meanwhile, Rose learns a few harsh truths from her predecessor about travelling with a Time Lord.

3.00pm ET: Episode 4 – The Girl In The Fireplace
The Doctor and his companions arrive on an abandoned spaceship, which allows them to travel back in time to 18th-century France. A little girl the Doctor befriends grows up to be Louis XV's mistress, and the time lord must discover why she is being pursued all her life by the ship's sinister clockwork robots. 

4.00pm ET: Episode 5 – Rise Of The Cybermen
In the first of a two-part adventure, the time travellers return to the present day to find history has been altered and the world they knew has been changed beyond recognition. While Rose is amazed to learn her father is still alive in this alternative reality, the Doctor discovers some of his deadliest foes, the Cybermen, are poised to take over the world.

5.00pm ET: Episode 6 – The Age Of Steel
The Cybermen seize control of London and begin transforming the population into more of their kind. Jackie falls under Lumic's control, while the Doctor and his companions are forced to go on the run. As the mechanical villains' power grows, a desperate attack is mounted on the factory at the heart of their schemes.

6.00pm ET: Episode 7 – The Idiot’s Lantern
The Doctor and Rose arrive in Fifties London, just as the nation are preparing to watch the Queen's Coronation on their new TVs - unaware the goggleboxes hold a sinister secret.

7.00pm ET: Episode 8 – The Impossible Planet
The Doctor and Rose are trapped on a desolate planet orbiting a black hole, where they encounter a team of human explorers sent to mine the world's resources. The research squad's alien servants begin to show a more sinister side to their nature, while far beneath the surface, something monstrous is about to awaken.

8.00pm ET: Episode 9 – The Satan Pit
Rose battles against the nightmarish Ood as the planet stands on the brink of being sucked into the black hole. The Doctor's beliefs are challenged when he faces the mysterious occupant of the Pit, a primordial force that poses a threat to the entire universe.

9.00pm ET: Episode 10 – Love & Monsters
A man obsessed with stories of the Doctor attempts to track the Time Lord down. However, his investigations lead him to the mysterious Victor Kennedy, who harbours a monstrous secret.