UK: Doctor Who Comic UK #6 Arrives In Stores Next Week

Issue #6 of Doctor Who Comic UK arrives in stores on Thursday 16th July in the UK priced at £3.99.

From Titan Magazines the officially licensed BBC Doctor Who Comic features brand new ongoing adventures with the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors in every single issue. Three Doctors every four weeks - essential for any Doctor Who fan who can’t stand the long wait until the new series in September!

The Twelfth Doctor

Starring the Doctor as portrayed onscreen by Peter Capaldi and Clara as played by Jenna Coleman.

In Mumbai, India, 2315, the Doctor and Clara – with the help of their new allies Rani and Priyanka – defeated the Family Scindia and put paid to the resurrection of the ‘goddess’ Kali – though not before Kali attempted to resurrect in Clara’s body! Having ensured the safety of the future, and brought Clara back to herself, the Doctor and Clara returned to the present...

But Coal Hill School and its environs can be just as deadly as any alien planet or far future, as the pair will soon find out!

The Eleventh Doctor

With the Doctor as played onscreen by Matt Smith and original companion Alice.

The Doctor, Alice and Jones left the SERVEYOUinc United System Research Base behind, travelling on to new adventures. The TARDIS gang has grown yet further because of their last encounter, with the addition of the hulking shapeshifter known as ARC – who is a lot more polite and inquisitive than its threatening appearance would suggest. But is even the TARDIS big enough to support this many large personalities?

The Tenth Doctor

With the Doctor as played onscreen by David Tennant and original companion Gabby.

The Doctor offered Gabby a one-off time-travelling trip aboard the TARDIS. They arrived at an alien art gallery where Gabby was thrown straight into the heart of adventure, with no shortage of the life-threatening danger that seems to follow the Doctor no matter where (or when) he is. Proving herself to be a bright and brave companion, the Doctor has invited her to join him
in exploring the universe.
Now they’re off to the past for a haunting hands-on history lesson...


What's more, there's also a chance to win a family ticket courtesy of the Doctor Who Experience allowing entry to the Experience for up to four people, plus a Family merchandise pack with the Official Companion Guide, as well as four tickets for the Official Doctor Who Filming Locations Tour in Cardiff Bay!

The comic should be available in supermarkets and good newsagents, but to be sure of getting your copy you can subscribe here. Subscribers get a 20% saving plus a free Top Trumps Collectors tin.

If you've missed a copy, back issues are available here