Take David On Holiday: Murder On The Beach With Broadchurch - The Novel

Welcome to the second of our occasional posts with suggestions for some portable entertainment for you now that the vacation season has started.

There's nothing like using your relaxation time to get stuck into a good thriller, so if you're after for some David Tennant-themed entertainment to keep you occupied on your lazy beach holiday then why not grab the opportunity to take a different look at one of his biggest roles of recent years. The curmudgeonly detective Alec Hardy won over the hearts of many of David's fans in spite of his short-temper and capacity for the social faux pas; now devotees of the show can explore his character in more depth with Broadchurch: The Novel.

The eight part mystery Broadchurch, created by Chris Chibnall, first appeared on TV screens in 2013 and went on to grip audiences round the world. Shortly afterwards Chibnall announced that he had gone into collaboration with esteemed thriller writer Erin Kelly to produce a novelised version of the story. The novel was released in the UK in 2014 and has since been published around the world. There's the traditional print book or, even better to keep your luggage weight down, there's a Kindle version and an audio recording read by Carolyn Pickles - the TV series' Maggie Radcliffe.

The plot starts with the discovery of the body of a young local boy on the beach near the small coastal town of Broadchurch. Newly arrived detective Alec Hardy is appointed lead investigator on the case. He has a reputation of being difficult to work with, making the task even harder for his sergeant Ellie Miller, a local detective who had expected to be promoted into the role Hardy took, and who is also best friends with the dead boy's mother. The strength of the drama is in moving beyond the scope of a normal TV crime procedural and exploring the impact of the crime on their loved ones and the wider community. The novel expands further on this, enriching the tale through the characters' inner motivations and perspectives, shedding a whole new light on a story that you thought you already knew well. All in all, it's the perfect read for the beach, deck or poolside or just to curl up with under a throw in the garden on those balmy summer evenings.

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German - Der Mörder unter uns

Series 2
The series returned to TV screens earlier this year. Chris Chibnall and Erin Kelly announced that the UK broadcast would be accompanied by weekly short stories released via Kindle to complement the on-screen action. The eight stories, each focusing on one of the characters, are now available as an e-bundle in the UK.
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